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From the Burpple community

Tried the nonya and emperor versions and they were really tasty and the fillings were so generous - I am quite sure the fillings were more than the rice! I could eat it as a main meal because it was so substantial and filling!

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We tried these rice dumplings from Joo Chiat Kim Choo: Emperor, Pulut hitam, Hokkien (with salted egg yolk), Nyonya and Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables. The glutinous rice was well marinated with generous portions of fresh ingredients. The pork belly was tender and melts in the mouth. My favourite is the Emperor’s, befitting its name with Chinese sausage, mushroom, chestnut, pork and scallop. Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables is new to me …interesting and unique. Will recommend their dumplings to family and friends. Will order again to try other flavours.

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The Dumplings are all flavourful with a generous portion. The Hakka Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetables were filled with many ingredients, and the glutinous rice was soft and not very salty coupled with the pork belly that is tender and soft. Highly recommended!

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Ordered the following rice dumplings from Joo Chiat Kim Choo: Nyonya; Hokkien (with salted egg yolk); Pulut hitam nyonya; Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables; Emperor. Each dumpling was chockful of ingredients and the rice was really soft and delicious. My favourite would have been the pulut hiam nyonya rice dumpling. I love the sweet-savoury combination of the meat to the rice. The black rice also added a slight change in taste to the dumpling, which i enjoyed. The hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables were also a new dumpling for me. The pork in the dumpling was so tender and delicious.

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梅菜扣肉粽, literally translates to meat with preserved vegetables! It is super flavourful and fragrant although it can be a bit too salty for those who prefer a lighter touch

Tried the Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk and it's quite good! I like how it's very flavorful - love love love the salted egg yolk. It's very fresh.