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09:00am - 06:00pm

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09:00am - 06:00pm

09:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

elegant, flavourful and downright exquisite: these are the words that describe their rice dumplings. No, its not just the taste of the dumpling itself. the appearance and packaging of it made the whole experience so memorable. hand wrapped and filled to the brim with premium quality ingredients, i was really blown away. It reminded me of the times i ate my grandma’s Bazhang; Though its not the same, i could feel the warmth and effort from packing it. would definite go back and try their other flavours!

Beautifully wrapped rice dumplings! The Emperor's Rice Dumpling was full of quality ingredients, including the salted egg yolk and scallops. We particularly enjoyed the Nonya Rice Dumpling which came with soft and fragrant rice and delicious meat filling! It was a delightful experience for the family ☺️

The dumplings were very flavourful and generous with fillings. My family and i tried 5 flavours - 4 savoury and 1 sweet. My favourite one was the hokkien salted egg and my parents enjoyed the emperor and pulut hitam one as well! It is definitely one of the better nyonya dumplings out there, being super generous with ingredients and well flavoured rice. I could see myself eating it for a meal, or even for a mid day tea snack! Highly recommend it as a gift for any elders, especially if they enjoy traditional flavours.

I absolutely loved the Bazhang from Kim Choo! The rice was not too cloy, and each grain of rice was nicely cooked to perfection. The fillings were generous and had tons of flavour. Definitely buying these again!

Tried the Emperor’s Rice Dumpling and Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved veg Rice Dumpling - must say the fillings are pretty generous and legit flavourful. Personally prefer the Emperor’s Rice Dumpling for its good mix of ingredients!

If you feel like treating yourself, get the emperor rice dumpling. It's packed with a lot of ingredients, you'll really feel like royalty. The scallop was generous, the pork was soft and everything went well together.

Somehow, my favourite was still the pulut hitam dumpling because both the rice and pork filling was sweet and fragrant. I've never seen this unique flavour before and it's left such an impression on me!

Another unique dumpling would be the Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables rice dumpling. If you like mui choy (it's sweet and savoury, not the sour preserved vegetables), you'll love this too.

The nonya dumpling was good too! The sweet pork filling went well with the savoury rice - exactly what you'd want in a nonya rice dumpling!

Finally, I tried the Hokkien rice dumpling with salted egg yolk. The ingredients came in generous chunks - braised pork belly, salted egg yolk, chestnuts and mushroom. The fried onions added to the overall flavour of the dumpling and I really enjoyed this!

For all the dumplings, there were no hard or fibrous ingredients which made it really pleasant to eat. Love this!