327 Hougang Avenue 5
Singapore 530327

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Mini-celebrations with the family are always held at this 'hawker restaurant'- Jin Wei Tze Char store. Touted by my parents as 'cheap and good', it really serves a wide variety of dishes at pretty affordable prices. And many family moments were forged here- the 'celebration' we had when we first shifted in 14 years back, our 'family outing' to soak in the rowdy atmosphere during election period and even 'celebrating' my welcome-home party when I first came back from my exchange programme 3 years back. What was first an ordinary kopitiam with a fantastic Tze char shop have slowly evolved over the years to a place where the drinks store auntie knows our orders by heart and the Tze char aunties knows exactly which delish new creations to recommend that suit our palette. The homely atmosphere here definitely transforms this space to a really special place in my heart. #hawkerpedia

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