[CLOSED] Ji De Chi Dessert (Plaza Singapura)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * 記得吃

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A cool and soothing dessert, great to end your day with. Sweet mango, not sour 😉 Herbal Jelly is definitely more worth in terms of price as compared to Grass Jelly but you can choose either. There’s basically nothing to complain about this simple combination. Glad to see a dessert store like this at the basement of Plaza Sing! whitepuff approves 🤓

If you ever need a place to chill and chat after dinner around dhoby, this is probably it.


The block of mango wrapped in that thin layer of glutinous rice sheet wasn't very sweet when we visited, but I really enjoyed the combination of the soft, tangy flesh against the chewy sticky rice blanket, plus that generous coating of grated coconut.

We also tried the Durian in Sticky Rice Roll ($5.80) and I like how the filling wasn't rock hard/semi-frozen like in other dessert places.


Something cold and refreshing to cleanse that palate 😝 Matcha snow (as the name suggests) that is so fine and melts in your mouth. Azuki beans, Matcha Mochi and nata de coco to accompany the dessert 👌🏼❤️


Taking advantage of student privileges- for they will cease to exist soon #growingupwoes. Students get to choose 2 shaved ice Flavours from an assortment of matcha, mango, milk etc for $10. We went for the strawberry+ mango and matcha as pictured; the vibrantly coloured shaved ice were not lacking in the stipulated Flavours, they were substantially milky.
The accompanying condiments were faultless too save for the factitiously doughy mochi-rice balls (NTS for future visit: to request to omit)


Smooth mango flavored snowflake ice with fresh mango cubes and mini glutinous balls at the side (S$7.90).


Smooth durian flavored snowflake ice with a scoop of durian paste together with mini glutinous balls at the side (S$7.90).