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Reviews of good food at JAPAN RAIL CAFE

Amazing Japanese curry with minced beef...choose your main and sides and create your own combination.

I had the fried oysters for main and grilled scallops as sides.

Worth a try folks...if you are at Tanjong Pagar Centre. 😉

Went on Friday lunch time. My colleague ordered sashimi don & curry rice ($18) while I ordered A.B.C. Burger ($22). Food comes pretty quickly even they mentioned it took a while to wait for the burger. The food is pretty good and the portion is satisfying. The only concern is you really have to wait for a while to get a seat - I guess I have waited to 20-30mins to have a seat for 3 of us on a Friday lunch hour.

Twin Flavoured Crispy Chicken Don (S$16)
Best of both world 🌎- chicken nambam in 2 flavours Nambam tartare sauce and Japanese grated radish sauce.
Served with dashi soup
Available at @JapanRailCafe in @TanjongPagarCentre
When one could not decided on crispy fried chicken or soupy dish. Halfway through one could add the soup to make it into an ochazuke, which is similar to Teochew style fish porridge.
Japan Rail Cafe
Address 🏠 : 5 Wallich Street, # 01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 078 883
Tel ☎️ :
Open 💈 : 11am - 9pm
MRT 🚇 : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

(Refer to my previous post) Hearty curry! Chose the crispy chicken and crab cream korroke as our main and side respectively.

Here's the Kaisen Avocado Don ($18, seafood and avocado rice bowl with salmon sashimi and scallops, and soup to enjoy ochazuke style) from travel-themed #JapanRailCafe, located on first floor of the new #TanjongPagarCentre. #MediaTasting #DINEatTPC

Felt that this place is rather over hyped, no doubt for the Japan Rail themed decor rather than the food. Contrary to the many positive reviews I've read of this Kaisen don, I personally did not enjoy it as much. This is a very healthy rice bowl, comprises of multi grain rice, thinly sliced salmon sashimi, scallops with gills, cucumber, avocadoes and ikuras. Two methods to eating it, simply as a don, or as a ochazuke (pouring the soup provided into the bowl); with the latter being my preferred option. Those with a lighter palate would enjoy this dish whereas people who prefer stronger/saltier dishes (like moi), might not.

You get to choose 2 ingredients to go with your curry rice and I got the curry rice with chicken cutlet and crab cream croquette! The curry was tasty and went well with the crispy chicken cutlet and the crab creamy croquette was crispy outside and creamy on the inside which made a good meal!

Fries served with cheese and a dollop of mentaiko mayo is always a good idea 😋

Curry made from black pepper base and a blend of various spices, combined with the rich taste of vegetables and fruits. Served with 10 grain rice, crispy chicken cutlet and fried egg

thinking about the ABC burger (avocado, bacon, cheddar) burger from the Japan Rail Cafe at Tanjong Pagar Centre a while back. An unlikely place to find a burger - one would expect perfectly plated pastries in such a cafe. but the savoury food is actually pretty good.
though there wasn't much char on the patty it was sufficiently juicy, with the supporting condiments providing a nice creaminess to the burger. it was nice of them to provide a burger wrapper to collect the burger juice and drippings - made eating the meal a lot cleaner.
Saw many people at the cafe eating the curry rice - looks like i'll have to go back and try that soon!

This is a coffee latte with roasted soybean powder (kinako) and black honey (kuromitsu). All the components of this drink go well together and I enjoyed it a lot. They hold information sessions on certain areas of Japan that are helpful too!

Every time I miss Japan, I will come here. Radiation I hate you! This place is so comforting to me cos it brings back the wonderful bullet train memories. And the food is really good! These two dishes are my regular orders. Watashino curry rice was not like the usual Japanese curry. This was quite spicy. And they added barley in their rice for a more complex texture. You get to choose a main and a side for this curry dish. The egg was my side and the fried chicken was my main. Their fried chicken was really something else. Very crunchy and crispy. Not sure what flour they used to fry it but the crispy coating almost tasted starchy. Very addictive. The other dish was fried chicken don 2 ways. It came with soup in a teapot. Choose between original and dashi soup. I always get the original cos they used chicken and pork to make the soup and it was really flavorful. The best way to eat this is to pour some soup into the rice, taking care to avoid the chicken. Nobody likes a soggy fried chicken. Somehow, the soup cut thru the oiliness of the fried chicken and made the whole dish not so jelat. I once made the mistake of adding the soup only towards the end. By then I was quite stuffed and could not enjoy the mild taste of the soup. Their strawberry yoghurt and mikan yoghurt drinks were also quite good. The strawberry one had chunks of strawberry fruit inside and so pretty in pink! Go early, cos this place really packs in the crowd during peak hours.

An interesting rendition of burgers at JR Café, the Ultimate Cheese Burger (S$20.00) packs a 160g wagyu beef patty, homemade special sauce and 2 types of cheese between Asanoya's original soft buns. And as if it's not enough, they have already spread mustard on to the bun, so the spice has already been added into the burger('s life).

The item itself also comes with two side dishes of your choice: french fries, wedges, mini salad and soup. Whichever you choose is likely to make you pretty full after the meal. I like the fact that they provide waxed paper for me to wrap my burger up so that I can hold it with my hands without making (too much of) a mess. And I can continue to look up at the TV set with my food in my hands while appreciating tourism in Japan.

Watashino Curry Rice - The curry is made from a black pepper base, a blend of various spices, vegetables and fruits.

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walk past every time I come for a facial and decided to give it a try. I feel like I'm in Tokyo! The kaisen don is delicious with a generous serving of salmon sashimi and grilled scallops, salmon roe, resting on a bed of warm rice and avocado and cucumber. After pouring the original (pork &chicken) soup with the rice.. the dish has a refreshing yet comforting touch that bring together the freshness of the ingredient with the warm comfort of porridge..I'll definitely be back again.. #burrple @that_dex


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