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From the Burpple community

If you are in Saitama area specifically Omiya, then you should drop by this small coffee shop called the Kumagai Coffee 熊谷珈琲.

Many people would come here to buy coffee bean, that you can choose from many varieties.

Of course you also can drop by to just grabbing a cup of coffee as well.

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On my way back to city area from mountains and found this Japanese restaurant, おぎのや 群馬の台所; which is located within JR Station at Takasaki that served authentic local dishes.

Kamameshi with Boiled Konjac or they call it 峠の釜めしこんにゃく味噌田楽セット, presented in ekiben. Ekiben is similar to the familiar bento set, which consists of rice with various vegetable ingredients.

The set I ordered also comes with boiled konjac, which the texture much like rubbery and flavorless zero-calorie high-fiber food made of yams.

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If you visiting those mountains and onsen around Gunma, you definitely won’t miss some of the rest stop along the road leading up. Roadside Station Kuni 道の駅 六合 is one of them that I have the chance to drop by to grab some lunch.

This place called the お休み処くに, which popular for their spice curry using carefully selected Indian spices and gluten free.

I try their curry with 2 different taste, served with salad. There’s also egg yolk for you to mix with.

2 different kinds of curry here, which one tasted more sweet while the other more spice taste for me. Very interesting and delicious, as the curry are mix with minced meat.

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If you happen to be at Nakanojo driving around the mountain, do stop by this rest stop at Reizan Takeyama.

Here you would find this soba restaurant that is popular for people who looking for a rest along their journey.

This place called the Soba-dokoro Keyaki 道の駅霊山たけやま そば処けやき. Serving cold and hot soba options with different add on.

I gotten the tendon with fried vegetables. Their soba is natural made. After eating, do walk around this beautiful park as well to appreciate the scenery.

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If you have the chance to visit Shima Onsen at Gunma, then you shouldn’t miss out trying this very popular snack and sweets here.

A small outdoor food stall along the street, with a table beside for you to savour the yaki manju.

See the sweet bun being roasted over charcoal and pierced with a skewer. Then they will put sweet Miso sauce on it.

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Ikura onigiris from Lawson are thee best but I didn’t manage to head to one on my last day so 7-11 onigiris are still pretty good!#cptslowyeoxjapan