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From the Burpple community

Had this Affordable Beef Noodle ($4 only) and there is lots of ingredient in it.

Cheapest Beef Noodle I had tried and quite worth it.

Hiding at the 1st floor corner taking 2 stalls, you will find this tze char stall that only managed by one chef.

Fu Qing Seafood Gourmet served some good tze char dishes and you would see people coming to the stall constantly.

Even though the chef handling everything by himself, the food standard still very good.

My sliced fish rice was surprisingly juicy and soft, filled with tasty sweet and sour sauce.

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Freshly steamed fish soaked in sweet fragrant sauce


Well balanced Vinegar with flavourful minced pork

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This a rich herbal soup with different meats & parts of the turtle. Claypot with fmarinated chicken pieces, flavorfull salted fish and Chinese sausages

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Anyday and Anytime is Teochew Porridge time for family, with a variety of dishes to share.

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