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Reviews at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon)

Reviews of good food at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon)

The art of producing the perfect roast Peking Duck is an art that imperial treasures has mastered. From the crispy skin with the perfect level of fat juices that explodes in your mouth with every bite, to the sweet sauce and condiments that you add to the pancake is just perfect! Definitely one of the better Peking ducks that I’ve had!

They are famous for their Peking duck but to me their roast duck is giving London Fat Duck and Four Seasons a run for their money. Very crispy skin coupled with flavourful meat this duck is easily a yummy yummy yum yum yum for me! Posted by Ah Leong San 2016 July 27.

What I can say is... Awesome! The duck is good, suckling pig is great, food there has good standard with high price too😅

[Delayed] My scrumptious 6 course 人日 dinner.
This was the umpteen visit to imperial treasure with my maternal family but I'm definitely not complaining. Since it was the first time trying their Chinese New Year menu, we went for the seasonal items like crispy whole suckling pig and of course the not to be missed Lou Hei. On top of that we had a good spread of sautéed prawns , deep fried soon hock fish in soya sauce, stewed ee fu noodles with mushrooms and braised shark fin with cabbage (the least favorite with a very deceiving imbalanced cabbage to shark fin ratio).
Ending off the meal, a bowl of well simmered红豆汤 with 芝麻汤圆 and a tinge of refreshing orange peels was served.
In the spirit of festivity, Chinese New Year almond cookies and 年糕 came as well. (Take-away option is available if you are stuffed)
I am reassured that 人日 and 农历新年 are 2 of the many blessings of being Chinese.
Also I foresee many more future return visits for the impeccable quality and taste of the Chinese cuisine offered at Imperial.

($86.90+) Currently rolling around with a stuffed tummy after reunion dinner, but here's this year yusheng pick: Imperial Treasures' prosperity yusheng.
Things are kept simple with only 3 ingredients as base: the finely shredded yam, carrot and radish.Yet they pack a whole lot of decadent flavor tossed in all the other condiments. What makes the yusheng particularly different is the fragrant, meticulously fine yam shreds that make things crunchy and substantial. Not your usual yusheng that just feels like a concoction of vegetables.
Another ingredient worth special mention is the 甜酱 that gives a refreshingly sweet finish to your bowl of yusheng. Here's wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year, filled with family, friends and Love.

Crispy skin and melts in your mouth. Definitely worth the money

Definitely have to order the peking duck, liu sha bao and garlic prawns here

His hand moves so fast that my camera can't catch. The nice crisp sound when he cuts through the crispy duck skin just makes you salivate even more 😋😋 oily but tasty #exercisesoon #burncalorieswhilewatchingyourfood #burpple

Always my favorite Peking Duck! $78 for a whole duck and it is really worth!

Call me ignorant but it was the first time I had this. A little dry so it is better to pair with chinese tea. Very good nonetheless.

The meat is both tender and smooth. A must have otherwise there isn't anything else there really worth going for

last time I was here there were crab, lobster, and awesome food. but I was really too sick to take photos! here is a make-up food pic! #pekingduck #sgp #foodie

One of the better Peking duck in town and prices aren't too steep. Only complaint is that there's never enough to satisfy everyone at the table!

Well-known for roasting the peking duck to perfection, Imperial Treasure serves only the finest and most authentic iteration of this prized dish.

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