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Reviews at Iggy's

Reviews of good food at Iggy's
It would be a crime not to order the cheese platter, given all fine Burgundy wines we were having.

When I saw Comte on the menu, I needed no further nudging. Iggy's cheese platter comes with almonds, walnuts, quince, toasted sourdough, grapes and of course, Comte and Epoisse. Yummy!

Iggy's Bucatini really floored me.

Tender, juicy and a generous serving of braised oxtail, parmigiano and summer truffle, all in a bowl and the bucatini just soaked it all up. Each strand, both inside (bucatini is a thick pasta which is hollow) and outside was perfectly coated. This is one pasta I won't want to share!

Don't judge a book by its cover.

We were almost half way through our meal, when the gentleman next to us told us that one of the reasons why he loves Iggy's Gastrobar besides the amazing carefully curated wines at Iggy's cellars are these croquettes. We had to order some to try and its love at first bite. Crispy on the exterior, soft and sublime on the interior. Filled with jamon Iberico, it's perfect with the Burgundy wines.

2017 Iggy's Burger, I don't even know where to begin.

Soft pillowy buns encasing Toriyama wagyu, Epoisse, amelia tomato and onions, this was to die for. Each order comes with two burgers and four of us shared two orders but I am sure everyone wished that we hadn't done so. You can't stop at one.

Eggs & eggs.

If eggs could be lifted to an art form, you are looking at them. Simply sublime! 63 degrees eggs, truffle potato espuma and befittingly crowned with Kaluga Queen caviar.

Iggy's Burgundy discovery by glass is perfect for those who would like to explore wines from the region.

We opted for the fun option which serves 3 glasses blind, 90ml each, based on our personal preferences. We certainly had a fun time trying to figure out which wines we were served.

Absolutely love Iggy's Gastrobar.

Had a fantastic Friday evening there last week which kicked off with some pinxtos in the form of pickled Kohada and Escalivada on toast. Each order serves 4 which was perfect for our party but I could easily eat all of them on my own.

Capellini ($26++/$34++)

Tucked away on the left of the restaurant after you enter, the new mini gastro wine bar within is perfect for when you're wanting a quiet place to sip on French wines and savour some delicious food. The bar area which has only about 8 seats, is slightly elevated so you can watch the pastry chefs at work as you sip and sup.
Of course we had to order Iggy's signature Capellini when we're there - it's the dish that inspired copies everywhere when it was first created. Restaurant owner @vinopothamus, explained to us that it has evolved, with some tweaks, to become a lighter version of the original. We still enjoyed it very much though. The cold pasta was al dente and umami-ly dressed in Sakura ebi, lobster oil, kombu and sorel. Intense flavour was to be found in every slippery strand for sure.
We chose to pair our food with fun. Hence, we went with Option Wines ($65++ for 3 x 90ml) instead of simply a glass. This meant we would be blind-tasting a trio of wines selected by the sommelier. She asked us for our individual likes and dislikes so as to understand our palates better, in order to put together a collection more suited to the each of us. I found the experience most enjoyable and to my great surprise, discovered a white burgundy I'd have again in a heartbeat.

Bucatini ($26++/$34++)

If you are into robust pastas, do yourself a favour and try this Bucatini. The thick-strand pasta is cooked with a mouthwateringly delicious braised oxtail that's fall-apart tender, and for a little more richness, Parmigiana cheese. It's finished with a truckload of freshly shaved summer truffle that's amazing with the oxtail sauce.
We had gotten the larger serving to share but once we all tried a bite, plans of returning to have a whole plate to ourselves were discussed.
I found this tasted exceptional with a good burgundy, which fortunately, Iggy's stocks plenty of.

2017 Iggy's Burger (2 for $38++)

These are stupendous and deserve your full attention. So halt any conversation once the pair of Toriyama Wagyu sliders is served.
Somehow, the coming together of those almost-white, very-unlike-the-typical-bread buns with the smoky, grilled beef patties, French Epoisse cheese, soft, caramelised onions, pickles and tomatoes create the most melt-in-the-mouth sensation. There's so much juiciness in them mini burgers I can't even.
Two is not enough. I repeat, two is not enough.

Egg & Eggs ($39++ for 2)

Elegantly done 63-degree eggs with Kaluga Queen caviar and truffle potato foam that took me all of 0.000017 seconds to wipe out.
It is nigh impossible to eat this slowly.

Pintxos  ($26++ for 4)

Think of these Pintxos as the welcome committee on the red carpet rolled out to usher a delegation of French wines and sumptuous bar bites. They shake awake sleepy tastebuds with the bold flavours of pickled kohada (a seasonal Japanese gizzard fish) and Escalivada (a traditional Spanish dish of slow-roasted vegetables) to ready you for even more good things to come. Forming the base is a crunchy piece of toast that complements the soft, savoury fish and slightly mushy, sweet, smoky vegetable component nicely.

Vegetable Garden

The Sansai; Japanese mountain vegetables with potato nori espuma, bits of pork belly and an uni broth. The joy in this dish happens to be a perfect balance of sweet and savoury with a slight tinge of bitterness (which I surprisingly liked).

Kaya & Teh Tarik

Singaporean infused dessert from no.12 of Asia's Best 50 Restaurant. Want to know more? Check

Gastronomic Menu: The Snacks To Start You Off ($275++)

Easing you into the wonderful Gastronomic Menu meal are these equally wonderful "snacks". Served one at a time, these crafted mouthfuls warm up your tastebuds for the main acts by delighting and entertaining with rather experimental textures and flavours. Clockwise from top left:
- very crisp, golden slices of vegetables
- a deep fried fish (to be eaten whole) arranged very artistically with a cool clear jelly filled with tiny herbs and beans to look like a pond
- sweet corn fritter with chilled creamy corn soup (my favourite of the lot)
- "burnt" anago eel that had a deep smokey flavour that's served with a piquant dip

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