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Award-wining Modern European restaurant established in 2004 by Restaurateur-Sommelier Ignatius Chan. Recently awarded one Michelin star (2017). Kitchen is helmed by Head Chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive and the dining room is headed by General Manager Pawan Nair. ❉ 1 Michelin Star

581 Orchard Road
Level 3 Hilton Singapore
Singapore 238883

12:00pm - 01:30pm
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12:00pm - 01:30pm
07:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 01:30pm
07:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 01:30pm
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12:00pm - 01:30pm
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I had an early birthday celebration at Iggy's and was absolutely delighted with my meal. What I chose was the 10-course Gastronomic Menu and the first item on that list stated "Snacks". There were six of those. Yes, SIX! 😄

Here is the list (clockwise from top left in photo):

1) Singapore Sling: An aperitif in the form of a slippery smooth, sweet jelly dome accompanied by freeze-dried fruit kicked things off.
2) Uni: Fresh sea urchin in a gently savoury and extremely soft jelly. This ranks in my top three amongst all the snacks.
3) Corn: Another favourite because I was very taken by the way the curry element gave the Hokkaido sweet corn an unexpected but delicious twist.
4) Roti John: Such an inspired interpretation of our local Indian hawker fare using chicken liver mousse and apple. I was momentarily stupefied when the bread disintegrated in my mouth.
5) Burger: A refined creation that involved a piece of fried fish tucked into the lightest, softest bun. I could down half a dozen easily.
6) Durian Croquette: The boldest of the snacks and very well executed. Each crunchy-skinned ball contained durian pulp that had some anchovies blended in. It was then finished with whitebait and kumquat aioli to form a pungent-sweet-savoury combo.

With a name like Chlorophyll "Acquerello" Carnaroli, it was a given that the sixth course would be a celebration of plants' bounty. Personally, I felt with the exception of the Durian Croquette snack, this was the edgiest of the items in the night's trip down Gastronomic Menu.
Even though they shared the stage with a chewy risotto of the less common aged variety, the spotlight was on the local vegetables from Tekka Market. Snap peas, bittergourd (this was lightly pickled) and pandan do not immediately come to mind as natural bedfellows but in the hands of Chef @aitortxuchef, they got on famously. The unmistakeable scent and taste of "green" was omnipresent in a most pleasant way. This probably sounds weird but as I tucked in, I was reminded of the smell of freshly cut grass. I guess certain similarities are inevitable.

Course no. 3 in the Gastronomic Menu I had last Saturday evening at @iggys.sg was named "Forest Mushrooms". You know how mushrooms tend to feature a lot in vegetarian cuisine because they have a certain "meatiness" about them? I feel that that characteristic was exaggerated skillfully to epic portions in this dish with extended play on the theme of meat. My observation is based on the medley of mixed mushrooms being sautéed in bone marrow and then presented with a sheet of cured fat a.k.a. lardo draped on. So, the result is divine but undeniably sinful.

After a succession of six very different but indisputably delicious snacks, this arrived. Minimalist in appearance, it was an ocean in taste due to the trinity of fresh Hokkaido scallop, naturally sweet King crab and Kristal caviar. The singular other addition to this seafood creation was the coriander oil, and it was poured on after the dish was placed in front of me.
As expected, dining on such an exquisite second course only heightened my excitement for the remainder of the 10-course Gastronomic Menu that night.

We had an amazing evening last night at Iggy's Gastrobar. If you haven't yet checked this place out, you've got to. I love the vibes here, it's relaxed and the best way to wind down after a long day. With an amazing cellar, stellar bites and a wonderful and charming team, we couldn't have asked for more for our Friday evening. Thank you, Chef @aitortxuchef, @tess31386 and Pawan for making our evening an awesome one! Great start to our weekend.

When I asked my dinner party what would they like to order and they said, "you decide, except whatever it is, we must have THE BURGER". So glad that they chose these burgers. It was amazingly good last night. We savoured every bite. I think this must have been the point where all conversations halted as the burgers deserved our undivided attention. Yummylicious!

Each order comes with this duo, on the left is the mackerel, chipotle emulsion, avocado mousse. This was really delicious. On the right is the skate cooked with sambal and red onions. This was a real surprise as it was punchy and so good! We love how bold and creative Chef @aitortxuchef is. Word of advice, don't order this to share, trust me, you'd want to have this all by yourself or maybe even another portion!

Yums! Chef Teresa, thanks so much for letting us try your latest macarons. They were really good.

This was so sublime and what a lovely ending to our wonderful meal. As we chatted with Chef, she shared with us what inspired her to create this. It is the lovely white painting at the Gastrobar area.

We had no idea that they would be this stunning, visually and taste wise. These lovely croquettes, filled with durian and crowned with kumquat aioli and crispy whitebait, are part of the degustation menu. Chef @aitortxuchef is both creative and bold and I love how he's taken the flavours of Asia to his heart and his food.

Bucatini with summer truffles, this time we had the black truffles. I absolutely, absolutely love this pasta. The depth of the flavours is just amazing. With a glass of good wine, in the company of great friends, this is as good as it gets.

Our evening started off with a guessing game. Which of these wines is not a Burgundy? @happygreedyfoodie aced it! Many thanks @vinopothamus for arranging this flight. We enjoyed it very much. We had the 2004 Volnay, Domaine Michel Lafarge - Villages, Vendanges Selectionnees and Clos De Ducs. The one which didn't quite belong was the Bass Phillip pinot noir which was specially bottled for Iggys. It was really good too!

European sardines prepared the Japanese way. Chef @aitortxuchef truly knows his ingredients well, which season yields the best sardines around the world and is able to quickly infuse what he's experienced in Japan into his creations. Absolutely loved this!

Even though my friends and I were seated at Iggy's gastrobar and we had just polished off several dishes and a flight of four 2004 burgundies, there was no way we'd miss out on ordering this new dessert.
Created by Pastry Chef Tess for the main restaurant, the exquisite "Textures of Coconut" was, rather interestingly, inspired by a painting that hung on the wall in front of her work space (ask Chef to point it out to you when you visit).
Visually, it is a single colour but flavour and texture-wise, it's multi-faceted as you'll find coconut sorbet, coconut tuile, lime yogurt foam, yogurt sponge, kuzu mochi and basil seeds altogether on the plate.
"Light and refreshing" would be the words I'd use to describe this. So no matter how full you may be after a meal here, it's something you can easily end with.

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