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Singapore 238839

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Husk 🌴
Just exactly what you expect it to be.

Coconut in a form of ice cream, topped with fruits and granola. This froco is perfect for those who want healthier choice for dessert. It was satisfyingly good, but I'll not regret paying the same amount and gaining more calories for Llao Llao and that evil Cookie Sauce when cravings for froyo come. 😉😝🍦
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Refreshing FroCo by Husk

I love this! It tastes exactly as you would expect when you hear Husk's soft serve is made from the flesh of frozen young Thai coconuts.
Compared to other soft serves, this 99% dairy-free "froco" is less creamy but that's perfectly acceptable since its origins is a tropical fruit.
I chose to top my short serving of Husk ($3.80) with strips of fresh jackfruit for 80 cents more, and was really happy with the outcome.
Thanks @kattayiswhoiam for being my hand model ✌️😄

Coconut soft serve with healthy toppings.

Refreshing yes, but I still prefer Llao Llao if I need to satisfy my yogurt/"healthy" ice cream cravings 😂 #Burpple

Another hot day calls for another dessert and I really miss the sweet jackfruit here!

The refreshing coconut swirl is perfect for post-exercise treat or even during food coma. If only they're nearer to the west :(

🍦Coconut Soft Serve 🍦

This is some LEGIT coconut soft serve ($3.80 for a small cup) and not your run-of-the-mill ice cream that tastes of 90% milk with barely any hint of coconut. It's refreshing (like coconut water in soft serve form), healthy, and manages to satisfy sweet tooth cravings at the same time - I highly recommend it!!!

Parfait ($6.50)

I don’t like coconut products, but this has been highly recommended by a number of tastemakers so I wanted to have a try, and… I am very surprised to like it! The coconut flavour is very strong, but I didn’t mind thanks to the sweetness of the young coconut and ice cream texture - it’s not “coconut sorbet” as it still has a bit of dairy. It did get overwhelming for me halfway, and that’s when I’m glad they added the “toppings” mid-cup.
Take note: do NOT request for the chocolate chips - I was given a shitload… Not kidding, and it doesn’t help that the colour is similar. I wouldn’t have mind so much if they were bitter like cacao nibs, but these were sweetened so it got sickening towards the end. I will go for muesli or another fruit instead together with mango and the crunchy granola on my next visit - that’s how much I like it. Husk or Cocowhip? I’ll put both hands down for the former, and more if possible but I’m only human.

Froco, Frozen Coconut

Only yesterday i saw a video of someone making coco cream from frozen young coconut flesh! just like the (ba)nana ice cream.. and voila! Today i found Froco, Frozen Coconut! Just as the young boy handed me the sample i was intrigued! He claimed it is made from Thai young coconut flesh and only has about 1% of diary.. And yes, that smooth silky refreshing coconut texture ans taste got me hooked! I bought the short one for $3.80, i was imagining atap seed would go well as a topping, and unfortunately they don't have it, however the jackfruit topping i had instead didn't dissapoint me (additional $0.80) , the tropical flavours compliment each other really well and i really like the jackfruit crunchy flesh! I prefer this over froyo, anytime! 👍🏼

Frozen Coconut

As a lover of coconut ice cream, I feel embarrassed not knowing that froco has been missing my whole life! Super light and refreshing, froyos and coconut ice creams everywhere can take a backseat. The only downer was probably the wooden spoon, which feels like sandpaper on the tongue.

My New Favourite

My new favourite dessert!!! FROCO frozen coconut only $3.80 for a short cup because I am short & this is befitting. $5 for tall cup but midgets not allowed lah. $0.80 per topping, but a parfait is $6.50 & comes with 3 toppings. Don't say bojio. They are also located next to my favourite store in the world WATSONS yea baebae #incoherent #stuffingmyface #brb

[GIVEAWAY] Have you heard about HUSK @myhusklife ?

I got a chance to try their Coco Parfait and I loved it! Their Froco is low in calories, sugar and saturated fat, all made from natural ingredients. In collaboration with HUSK, I will be giving away One Coco Parfait (with any 3 toppings) for 10 lucky winners.
To participate:
1️⃣Follow @zanthrea and @myhusklife
2️⃣Answer this question: What is Froco?
3️⃣ Tag 3 friends .
The giveaway is open from now until 26 November, 11.59pm. The winners will be notified via direct message. All decisions are final. Open to Singapore residents only. Best of luck !

Came across this shop: Husk @ Plaza Singapura basement 2.

We had the samples and we are so impressed by this frozen coconut!! SO NICE!!! It tasted very natural! And very refreshing!! Parfait size $6.50 with 3 toppings! No sauce because it's sweet enough and you can literally eat it like this without feeling gerlat!

Coconut Froyo

I think it's a new shop? But their coconut froyo was fantastic!!! You can literally taste real coconut in the froyo, not like those packaged fake coconut juice. $3.80 for small, $5 for tall and $6.80 for parfait which comes with 3 toppings (just imagine llao llao sanum). And their toppings are 80c each.

Current Craving
- be still my heart for it is going nuts for Froco

Can't help but crave for some creamy FROCO with fruity toppings! A great guilt-free treat anytime of the day.

COCO Parfait ($6.50)

It's my new HUSK life! Frozen Coconut (Froco in short) is my newly added to-go-for dessert option! In comparison with other sweet indulgences, Froco is a much healthier choice for its low dairy and sugar content. 👍 In spite of that, the Froco is considerably smooth and naturally sweet in taste. It was good that the fruits are chilled so we didn't have the yucky experience of eating room temperature fruits with ice cream. 😉 We applaud HUSK's effort to weigh its Froco for every cup served so everyone gets the same generous portion of goodness! Also, the wooden spoons give us a nostalgic feeling and reminded us about enjoying small cups of ice cream when we were young. 😆

Froco Parfait

Move aside froyo - THIS FROCO PARFAIT IS SO DARN GOOD!!!! Rich, smooth and refreshingly light with no added sweetness with all the natural goodness from young Thai coconuts made into that perfect little swirl just right for the weather. AND it's healthy. $6.50 for a froco with any 3 toppings, we loved how well the pineapple went with the froco, and granola for crunchier texture. If you're not up for anything fancy, the froco ($3.80/ $5 for short/ tall cup) is the perfect cup to get you hooked. For something more refreshing, opt for their smoothies with froco!

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