68 Orchard Road
#B2-49 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

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Tall Is Too Tall.

Tried their sample before, and since Snatch app is having a 1 for 1, we got the Tall size. But it's really too much... Tall size is enough for sharing, if not the coconut taste gets too heavy 🤣 The coconut taste really is strong 👍

Coco Parfait ($6.50)

For $6.50 you can get Froco (frozen coconut) with 3 toppings of your choice. It's refreshing and the texture is less creamy than ice cream. Definitely feel like a healthier option for dessert.

Coconut Soft Serve

Refreshing flavour that satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too sinful! They also serve it in cone and with additional toppings to choose from. Best thing is that they open till really late when all the other ice cream places in Plaza Sing are closed. 😜

For an Amazing Frozen Coconut Treat

Made from the flesh of of frozen young Thai coconuts, this 99 percent dairy-free frozen treat is the cure for hot, hot days — now if only we were lazing on a tropical island beach! Called 'froco' for short, the treat is less creamy than most soft serves, making it easier on the tummy and definitely lighter on the palate. For a guilt-free treat, get the Frozen Coconut ($3.80 for short, $5 for tall) and add your choice of toppings ($0.80 each), or go all out with the Coco Parfait ($6.50) for a tall serving with three toppings — Burpplers love the jackfruit.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Irene Arieputri

Delicious Froco (Frozen Coconut) Dessert

Pump It Smoothie which is a Power Smoothie made from a blend of banana, honey and granola. It is rich and decadent with a strong banana taste.

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Yummy & Refreshing Frozen Coconut!

Bought an offer using the FAVE app so I got this small cup @ $2 (U.P. $3.80) and topped up 80cents for some muesli. The frozen coconut is light and refreshing, with natural sweetness and fragrance from the fruit itself. Definitely a healthier choice if you want something sweet after a meal!

HUSK Froco Cone [$2]

For a limited time period, HUSK is offering their Froco (frozen coconuts) in cones at only $2! HUSK has been one of my favourite coconut desserts around since I've first tried some time back. It’s so refreshing, delightfully light and not forgetting, healthy. I hope they actually leave this cone a mainstay in their menu!

Husk 🌴
Just exactly what you expect it to be.

Coconut in a form of ice cream, topped with fruits and granola. This froco is perfect for those who want healthier choice for dessert. It was satisfyingly good, but I'll not regret paying the same amount and gaining more calories for Llao Llao and that evil Cookie Sauce when cravings for froyo come. 😉😝🍦
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Refreshing FroCo by Husk

I love this! It tastes exactly as you would expect when you hear Husk's soft serve is made from the flesh of frozen young Thai coconuts.
Compared to other soft serves, this 99% dairy-free "froco" is less creamy but that's perfectly acceptable since its origins is a tropical fruit.
I chose to top my short serving of Husk ($3.80) with strips of fresh jackfruit for 80 cents more, and was really happy with the outcome.
Thanks @kattayiswhoiam for being my hand model ✌️😄

Coconut soft serve with healthy toppings.

Refreshing yes, but I still prefer Llao Llao if I need to satisfy my yogurt/"healthy" ice cream cravings 😂 #Burpple

Coconut Parfait

Coconut soft serve with 3 toppings (i think). Similar concept as llao llao, but the topping selection was quite limited though. Coconut taste was quite strong, liked it!

Another hot day calls for another dessert and I really miss the sweet jackfruit here!

The refreshing coconut swirl is perfect for post-exercise treat or even during food coma. If only they're nearer to the west :(

🍦Coconut Soft Serve 🍦

This is some LEGIT coconut soft serve ($3.80 for a small cup) and not your run-of-the-mill ice cream that tastes of 90% milk with barely any hint of coconut. It's refreshing (like coconut water in soft serve form), healthy, and manages to satisfy sweet tooth cravings at the same time - I highly recommend it!!!

Frozen coconut parfait was so so good!

Liked the fruit toppings but not the super hard granola. If I ever eat it again I will go for the plain wo toppings or if I need to, 3 servings of mangoes pls 😂 (Groupon deal for 2 parfaits.. Haha always pushing to the last week before claiming it.) #husksg #myhusklife #burpple

Parfait ($6.50)

I don’t like coconut products, but this has been highly recommended by a number of tastemakers so I wanted to have a try, and… I am very surprised to like it! The coconut flavour is very strong, but I didn’t mind thanks to the sweetness of the young coconut and ice cream texture - it’s not “coconut sorbet” as it still has a bit of dairy. It did get overwhelming for me halfway, and that’s when I’m glad they added the “toppings” mid-cup.
Take note: do NOT request for the chocolate chips - I was given a shitload… Not kidding, and it doesn’t help that the colour is similar. I wouldn’t have mind so much if they were bitter like cacao nibs, but these were sweetened so it got sickening towards the end. I will go for muesli or another fruit instead together with mango and the crunchy granola on my next visit - that’s how much I like it. Husk or Cocowhip? I’ll put both hands down for the former, and more if possible but I’m only human.

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