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From the Burpple community

What an interesting mix of a Japanese sashimi with Mexican guacamole, which here they used avocados with mango salsa.
The dual color of the fish also got me curious, doesn't this look like salmon and tuna? And googling for the "char" fish made me realize that the fish has actually two colours. Maybe this explains the colour of the fish here?

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This dessert is so good.
I was first impressed by how smooth and rich the grand cru chocolate is, then I realised every other component here was excellent as well. The plum was sweet and refreshing, the sorbet was light and had just the right intensity of sourness to balance the rich creamy chocolate. And those pistachio soil just added texture to make this dessert perfect.


This is a prelude to my three course dinner at this restaurant here, which was recommended by the locals to be cheap and good.
I like this lovely and cute little thing that started the dinner. The beetroot mousse was creamy while the crayfish was marinate with intense umami flavours. And that green dollap at the side is actually wasabi cream. The flavours go well together!