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From the Burpple community

[London] This was taken in London’s Honest Burgers when I met up with a friend who was pursuing his degree there. He recommended this place, as an alternative to my first suggestion, which was Shake Shack.

While the Beef Burger with Cheese did do a pretty good job at satiating my hunger pangs, I would say that it was shy of an oomph factor. This could very well have not been the fault of the burger bar, but mine for requesting the beef patties to be done to medium well instead of medium. The considerably beefy flavour that would come coupled with a succulent melty patty was…not there. What was I thinking? 🤪

Some people would argue that it’s safer to eat meat that has been cooked thoroughly, and I won’t get into a tussle with them for that…not everyone’s willing to take a risk and not everyone’s able to appreciate a tastier alternative, and that’s just too bad. ☹️

With that said though, the chips were undisputed in their crispy-exterior-and-delicately-fluffy-interior characteristic. Genuinely good chips can be hard to come by, but when they present themselves, they are absolutely light to the bite and palate, showing no sign of density or chunkiness. That’s how you know you’ve landed the real deal. (7.5/10)