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From the Burpple community

55 degree Celsius

The 7 cold brews provided a much needed caffeine fix while working from home. A whole range of flavours available, including caffeine free taro latte and chamomile. We preferred the unsweetened black coffee for its slightly acidic and nutty flavour, and floral chamomile tea. The others leaned towards the sweeter and creamier side, with the taro latte reminding us of Potong yam ice cream, and the matcha tasting more of floral green tea.

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Crispy pastry with creamy coconut filling and Nata de coco bits, at $1.6 per pie. It was medium sweet and I could taste the mild coconut-y. What I enjoyed the most was the Nata de coco within. You cannot see it but you cannot miss it as you bite into it!

Thank you @lohnoms for making me go coco-Nuts LOL!

Hitoyoshi yoshi sushi

A little let down that the rice was rather hard and lacked of flavour today - falling short of their better standards .

Still reminiscing that soft flavourful Warm rice that I first tasted .

Otherwise - pretty value for money weekday set lunches available here for a fuss free Japanese lunch .

Hitoyoshi yoshi sushi

Freshly made sushi.

Still prefer the texture and taste of the rice from itacho sushi - but this was acceptable .

Hitoyoshi yoshi sushi

Pretty value for money sushi and raw fish rice bowls in this sister outlet of hitoyoshi ramen.

Love this cold refreshing pitan toufu appetiser .

When it was launched again few days ago, of course kiasu part in me wanted to grab it ASAP. First attempt, SOLD OUT in the evening 😩 Second attempt, YAY as I went during the day.

So how much do I like my #KFCChickenSkin? It is flavourful aka salty and fattening. Anyway, I like it. It is the same as me having my chicken original recipe and indulge only on the crispy skin bit! With KFC Chicken Skin at $3.50 per box, it becomes my box of snacks! The smaller pieces may be on the dry side but this is afterall a fast food and most importantly I enjoyed my crunch.

Time to do some cardio to burn the fat!