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From the Burpple community

Ordered the following and the total bill was ~$27 using the burpple beyond deal (1-1 main+drink):

Army stew ($19) ⭐️ 3.5/5 - soup was savoury and the omni luncheon meat was not bad. However, overall was average to me, considering it being the most expensive main on the menu.
Omni burger black ($15) ⭐️ 3/5 - nothing wowed me (but the omni meat patty was not bad) and was rather average!
Avocado smoothie ($8) ⭐️ 4/5 - creamy and not too sweet. Found this rather yummy!
Berry smoothie ($8) ⭐️ 2/5 - taste rather watered down and would recommend getting something else.

It may be worth the price with the burpple beyond deal but otherwise, it is rather expensive for average vegetarian food unfortunately. Wouldn’t strongly recommend and overall would be a 3/5!

overall rating 6-7/10
total price paid per pax using beyond ~$12 (pretty good)

pictured is the omni burger black ($15), omni golden fillet no fish ($16), peanut butter shake, and berry shake (maybe ~$6 each)!

as a meat eater when i first bit into the omni black, it couldn’t tell that it wasn’t meat but after taking a few more bites it started to become apparent because the sauce was kinda overpowering to compensate 😮‍💨 the patty had not much texture too. loved the mushrooms though. couldn’t finish it in the end, but the fries were nice! the side salad was okay it’s good if you like balsamic.

for the fish my pal said “this u know it isn’t meat” 🐟 the texture looks kinda legit to be fair. the sweet potato fries are delicious and just as expected, and the saving grace is the sauce provided (miso ketchup)! smells nice, tasted like it had traces of truffle oil 👍 both dishes did start to taste the same and wasn’t very moreish hmm “one-noted” as pal said

the shakes were decent enough but tasted a little watered down, idk how to describe it but if you’re non-vegan and had a boost smoothie before boost is way better (you’re welcome) BUT the burpple deal is decent and let us try new food!! pal did like the peanut butter shake though she recommends it 🥜 loved that the place gave us a jug of water because i’m always thirsty lol. would probably try the other food on the menu ✨

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i absolutely looove green common :”) we came back here a second time bc we were digging their fish and chips from the first time we tried it 🤠🤠 fake meat but tasted like a yummy fish nugget. once again love their pea purée (and i usually hate peas so this is hUGE coming from me). also got lemon tea as our drink to balance out the oiliness from the batter. overall a hearty n sustainable meal 🌱🌱

sour & tangy kimchi i rlly liked this! OmniMeat luncheon tasted so legit. but the JUST egg paled in comparison - very flavourless and limp.


loved the crispy and thick cut fries! bun was kinda plain. it was my first time trying Moving Mountain’s patty and it was surprisingly juicy and meaty! could do with more rendang sauce as it was overpowered by the patty’s “beefiness”


-Omni Golden Fish and Chips ($16++)
-Omni Miso Glazed Classic Fillet ($16++)
-Avocado Maple Oat Milk ($8++)
-Green Forest ($8++)
Total bill with GST and service charge after Burpple 1 for 1 discount for mains & drinks: $28.25

Omni Golden Fish and Chips:
Fish and Chips comes with smash peas and fries.
For the mock fish, I feel this is the closest it can get compared to a real fish. The fish is a little firm and the batter is nice and crispy. It taste like a simple battered fish, lightly salted. This fish goes well with the lemon and tartar sauce.
Fries is just normal fries.
As for smash peas, it is nicely mash with a hint of spice.

Omni Miso Glazed Classic Fillet:
Miso Glazed Classic fillet Is served with Roasted Baby Romaine and Long beans.
The fish feels like the same as the fish and chips except it is slightly more flavourful. I can’t taste the miso flavour probably because it is slightly glazed.
Side vegetables (Roasted Baby Romaine and Long beans) adds on a nice crunchy texture.
The portion is much smaller as there are only 2 fillets compared to the fish & chips which have 3 fillets.

Avocado Maple Oat Milk (green drink on the left):
Very sweet because of the maple syrup. Recommended for those with sweet tooth.

Green Forest (right drink):
It contains rock melon and green apple. I don’t think it contains any syrup, just the juice only.

Overall, the mock fillets are quite good and it really resembles the real fish fillets except for the non flakiness texture. The food is somewhat towards the expensive side (if without burpple beyond) and I think the portion could be larger. Otherwise, I would recommend this restaurant to my vegetarian friends.

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