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Level 1 100AM
Singapore 079027

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Reviews at Grain Traders (100AM)

Reviews of good food at Grain Traders (100AM)

This place is an absolute love! And it's rly worth it considering the quality of the ingredients- barley was an interesting texture, smoky grilled baby corn, miso mushrooms tho a lil salty for my liking, and beautifullyyyy seared tuna.

Believing in feeding people right, Grain Trader has indeed done it right, with their wide range of choices to pick from to customize your own unique salad bowl ($16), I love their seared marinated Tuna and grilled striploin steak with Miso Caramel 😍! Give it a try if you working nearby

Built my own bowl ($16) and chose a base of super greens (they also have soba, quinoa, various rices) and the seared marinated tuna for my 1 x protein. For veggies you can either get 2 hot ones or 1 x hot + 2 x cold - I went with 2 x hot: buttery sautéed wild mushrooms and (char)grilled furikake baby corn. I topped it off with (more) furikake and got a side of miso caramel dressing. So good! If you can't decide, they also have suggested signature bowls that you can just point at and choose.

I usually frequent the GT at Capita Green but space at 100 AM is really cool - with communal tables and a large island for their coffee bar. Unfortunately, the coffee bar wasn't open - I totally rate their cold brews.


Decided to go back to a veggie diet by skipping on the meats and focus on lovely grilled vegetables! With honey carrots, wild mushrooms, beansprout salad and bell peppers, this is truly colour on a plate! Add quinoa and it couldn't be healthier 😉My only complain is that it is a little pricey for merely vegetables. I had to get a cake for supper later!

Let's just admit it. Coffee is THE comfort drink of most of us. And even if it is not the time to get your Hero Bowls from here, you can still pop by Grain Traders for your caffeine fix.

The "Nuts & Bolts" embodies a nutty, pecan and cherry sweetness with a smooth texture, giving the latte a pretty balanced taste that is neither too bitter nor too acidic. For S$5.50, this 12 ounces of beverage made my day.

If there's one place on this list that you need to visit for a grain bowl experience, let it be Grain Traders. Wherever it opens, the space is perpetually abuzz with excitement come lunch time despite the heftier price tag. The menu is straightforward — pick from any six of the aforethought Hero bowls ($16), like our favourite El Hibaro, which sees a combination of warm striploin steak, lightly charred vegetables, wafu tomatoes and salsa verde on a bed of sushi rice. Alternatively, customise your own bowl and choose from char-grilled salmon, tuna or the flavour-packed pulled pork for protein. Do include the wild mushrooms from the hot veg section and as for their sauces, both the miso caramel and beetroot feta yoghurt are great. Unless you intend to fight off a food coma back in the office, go easy on the grains here as portions are generous. Alternatively, be like Burppler Faith K and have half an Avocado ($1.50) in place of the grains. Like all lunch hotspots in the CBD, it's best you come with a buddy and split up — one to snag a seat and one to order.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Faith K

$1.50 (+avocado) cheers to getting my free grain bowl (worth $16). This angmoh 菜販 always gets me.

Still not trading my grains for yours :P This is apparently likened by many to fancy 'economy rice' - and it's true at $16 a bowl. 💫
Your choice of a meat (pick the steak slices/salmon) plus 1 hot veg(charred veggies for me) and 2 cold veg and a sprinkle (shallots!) before topping off with a sauce (Asian Gravy this time, which tasted like Bbq sauce but more savoury - not bad). Healthy? Yes, more than your cai png definitely. For those on a diet? Maybe not - the portions add up and each component does contribute to the count, depending on whether your choice is 'lite'. No doubt delish ;)

Slightly pricey if you were to have it everyday for lunch, but it was really delicious and the place was packed even on a Sunday afternoon!

Somewhat similar to food like Daily Cuts or other salad eats, loved tasty varieties here especially their smokey sautéed mushrooms and steak. Whether picking from their menu selections or designing your own meal, the combination of vegetables, proteins, toppings and grains just came together really well for a wholesome meal.
Also loved their relaxed and comfy open setup and their coffee. Check out their creamy cold brew in that beautiful bottle. #burpple

We are what we eat. Ft. Mr Pirom, one of the signature bowls: Tuna and Wild Mushrooms with Apple Kimchi and Crudités Slaw on Soba Noodles.

haven't been to grain traders in ages! Quality of the side dishes and the sincerity + heart of the kitchen staff into making unique concoctions of sauces made this experience a simple but stellar one

Been wanting to try out Grain Traders and I'm glad for the 2nd outlet at 100AM. Creating my own bowl with quinoa base, steak, grilled corn, wild mushroom with miso caramel dressing. additional topping of avocado at $1.50. total bill come up to $17.50. kinda expensive for lunch. however, I think I deserved a treat for surviving through mid week.

Beaten eggs, sliced potatoes, peppers and caramelised onions, baked then finished with a refreshingly tangy (almost pickled-y) tomato and onion salad — an extremely messy, hearty, and yummy frittata for this weekend's special. The combination of flavours are spot on, and as stuffed as it is, the frittata is extremely light and fluffy. Pop by tomorrow cause trust me, this ain't one you wanna miss.

Honestly, the food is really really good, I really loved their beef and I've rarely eaten such crunchy and delicious vegetables BUT the bad side is that I think it's not exactly value for money! This is in the pov of myself as a student of course being broke 25/7
Otherwise, it is absolutely delicious!!! and conveniently situated in a mall :)

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