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From the Burpple community

From a Malay stall along a middle row. Good because freshly fried!

Fresh Fish Soup is literally the name of the stall, which you can grab a bowl of warm and comforting fish soup.

You can go with either the steamed fish or fried fish, otherwise you get both in one bowl just like mine.

First time trying 86 Lor Mee recommended by @ohmyaddy...and it sure will not be the last! Definitely got my money's worth with their Signature Lor Mee priced at $6 - look at the heaps of fried items like tempura prawns, fried fish nuggets, chicken cutlet and the more traditional fare like ngoh hiang & braised hard-boiled egg! The fried ingredients were freshly deep-fried on order - my favourite goes to the fried fish nuggets that were chunky & thinly battered while not overly oily.

The gravy is undoubtedly the best part of the lor mee - flavorful with the richness of 5-spice powder and a gooey, starchy consistency that coats beautifully onto the toppings and the noodles buried within. Remember to help yourself to the vinegar, chilli padi and minced garlic for extra depth to the dish! 🍜

For a more traditional and budget-friendly option, go for their Homemade Ngoh Hiang Lor Mee ($4/$5)!
📍 Address: Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Rd, #01-86, Singapore 199583

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For just $4, it's a pocket-friendly feast that's almost too good to be true in this day and age. But trust me, it's real 🤤

The sheer abundance of ingredients - from the crsipy chicken cutlet to the flavourful ngoh hiang and fried wantons - crowning the noodles is seriously generous, especially at this price point. 💲❤️ If you're on the hunt for affordable, soul-satisfying comfort food, don't miss out on this hidden gem.

📍86 卤面 Lor Mee - Golden Mile Food Center, #01-86

Never noticed this stall before. Couldn’t resist the curious looking purple ondeh, though was prepared to be disappointed. So hard to find good Nyonya kueh! Fortunately it was good, not best of the best but soft and delicious ( don’t u just hate chewy kueh). And the coconut was so freshly grated, I could see a little bit if the brown husk on the side, brings back memories of childhood where mama stalls grates coconut on the spot! Above average, and I would definitely have it again. Good find! See my profile for more reviews of the other stalls here

Nyonya bites, 01-93

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Middle size portion. Started by a young chap and manned by a few more. Pretty fragrant , plenty of wok hei. I’m hard to impress re hokkien mee cos I live near to a really good one ( see my profile review). This was still mot as good by comparison but was yummy & different and left an impression. See my profile for more reviews of the other stalls here

You fu hokkien mee , 01-57

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