Located in Tanjong Pagar, Ginza Tendon Itsuki is Ramen Keisuke's eighth new concept outlet! This new 24-seater outlet is the popular ramen chain’s first concept in collaboration with the highly acclaimed Ginza Itsuki Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Tendon is often regarded as delightful one-bowl soul food meals for many Japanese around the world especially during summer. With freshest quality ingredients served in special porcelain bowls by Arita - a 400 year-old porcelain brand from Japan, this new offering will add another dimension to Keisuke's Japanese soul food offering that includes its well-known brand of ramen creations here in Singapore.

101 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088522

11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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Ginza Tendon Itsuki 天丼専門 銀座いつき

Ginza Tendon Itsuki 天丼専門 銀座いつき...🍱
- Special Tendon🍤🍄🍠🌽🍖🍳$13.90
- Ayataka🍵$3.80

Total damage including GST: $20.85

Delicious tendon! Crispy on the outside but tender in the inside, what more can you ask? The fresh mushroom, babycorn, sweet potato, long bean, egg, chicken, prawns and the tendon sauce are all so nicely prepared that you wouldn't mind queuing for, paying for and spend your calories on! Give it a try now!

But be prepared to queue for it during peak hours (I heard)...justifiable by the limited seats inside the shop and witnessed the number of chairs placed outside the shop for ppl to sit while waiting...

I waited for only 15min because I was there at the non-peak hour on a Sunday night...(lucky)

I will definitely be back again!😋

- Need all diners to be present before you can be seated
- You will smell like fried tempura when you step out of the place

Special Tendon ($13.90)

Naturally fragrant deep fried veggies of melon, lady's finger, long beans and mushroom you pick apart. Wholesomeness you relish, as care retains the integrity of the raw ingredients encased in tempura. Break the quivering blob of tempura onsen tamago you've uncovered, yellow running over your bed of white Japanese rice.
If that isn't soul food, especially exciting about this Special tendon ($13.90) is the touch of fattiness in their chicken fillets in our second time time around, making this Arita bowl tastier than in our last. Bite into the moist chicken breast. Tender and light as fish, the broad pieces are just mildly meaty yet distinct, alongside succulent and snappy ebi.
The vial of chilli spice, sansyo (dried ground leaves of the prickly ash tree) and tendon sauce I used heavily in the last visit, I barely was compelled to touch. Despite all the deep frying, it's not a greasy meal. The batter is light, using only Japanese flour.
Full Review: http://bit.do/herecomesgin-Vegetable-Tendon

Queue Only If You Have The Time

Ordered 2 special sets and felt that this is over rated. We went at about 1.45pm on a sunday and were lucky to be 3rd in the queue. The tendon wasnt as crispy as the other one i had elsewhere. Nevertheless the chawamushi was awesome! The set is value for money no doubt but not worth the queue in my opinion.

Vegetarian Don

Went back again and this time round, I had the vegetable option. I've got to say, I prefer this way more than their special option. The portion is hugeeeee, so you could probably starve yourself before heading over (I kid). Alright, now back to work with a rather heavy food coma

Most Satisfying Tendon Ever

Warning #1: you're gonna have to queue super long. Warning #2: you're gonna smell like oil so badly. But you won't regret it for sure. This bowl really comes with so much ingredients of such high quality. Especially the pieces of chicken that were so tender and juicy. It's all fried food but doesn't leave you feeling greasy. Plus it comes in a set with a miso soup and chawanmushi, both really good too. TIP: there's an EGG hidden under that pile so be careful not to poke it and let the runny yolk seep away!

Special Tendon

So having come here with an emptier stomach this time, I enjoyed this much more compared to my first experience.

Batter was still light and non-greasy, rice was still wonderfully fluffy, and the entire set provided a lot of bang for your buck. However, I personally would much prefer crispier tempura, & I really wouldn't want to queue as long as I did for this.

Still, kudos to the staff who were efficient and accomodated the long line as quickly as they could!

Tempura Special

The sight of the queue makes me excited, I mean, got queue means the food's great right (typical singaporean). Simple restaurant serving only 2 dish, special set, or vegetable. No surprises which set I went for. 🤗 2 tempura prawns resting atop of a mixture of deep fried vegetables of corn and lady’s finger, slices of chicken and a surprise onsen egg hidden among all that mess. My tempuras look weird cause it's all flopped down, probably cause it was rushed out. But who cares, they were so good, I left the shop smelling like one too 👌🏼

Special Tendon (($13.90)
Essentially translated to be 'tempura on rice', this delightful one-bowl soul food gives you 2 pcs prawn, 2 pcs chicken, 4pcs vegetable inclusive of long beans & eggplant, carefully finished off beautifully egg-porn worthy half-boiled egg (ashamed it's not captured up there).

Their tempura sauce is definitely a secret recipe I wish to master.
Almost as if I've teleported to Japan, the 24-seater outlet boasts an all-around Japanese vibe, the ones you find in back street Tokyo. I was lucky to be assigned to one of the counter-top seats, where customers can watch each & every action in front of a seemingly very open kitchen.
Not all the staff are pure Japanese, but they sure seemed very well-trained in their own set of duties - from dipping tempura into exceptionally-seasoned batter, skilfully frying each tempura with care & precise timings (with their timer), to stacking up each of the tempura in the porcelain bowl to look exactly like the ones they've displayed in the menu. Also realised that they've 7 Japanese conventional rice cookers (not those commercial kinds you find in typical restaurants), which they've to consistently time & prepare each batches of those high grade short-grain Japanese rice.
Not compromising on quality in any bit, I find this to be one of the most value-for-money set meals one can find. Set also comes along with steamed egg (super good chanwamushi), miso soup, & complimentary pickles on every table.
P.S. Sure is a long-winded caption, but this is totally an independent review & I'm raving like it's nobody's business. I'd make my visits anytime any day! Have yet to try the competitor at Suntec, but the one at Bugis just anywhere near it (will review soon).

Special Tendon

My first try on Tendon and I gotta say it's pretty impressive. For $13.90++, the generous portion consisted of chicken, prawn, long beans, sweet potato, mushroom, baby corn and a yolk oozing-tempura egg. On top of that, there's also chawanmushi and miso soup. Overall, it wasn't too oily or dry. Other than value for money, what else can I say!

Special Tendon ($13.90)

The Special TENDON ($13.90+) order comes with a baby chawanmushi, miso soup and a bowl of rice topped with a pile of tempura including green beans, a shiitake mushroom, sweet potato, baby corn, chicken and prawn. Oh, there's also a deep fried onsen egg. YUP.

The moment the food is served, dig in! Do not wait to take a photo (like I did) because the (too) thick tempura batter doused in sauce goes soggy pretty quickly. For this reason (the sauced thick batter, not my need to photograph everything) I would've preferred for the sauce to have not been drizzled on the tempura for me - as they also have little bottles of sweet sauce on the table for you to add to your food.

Definitely not a place to come to if you want to sit and have a chat with your friends. The turnover rate is pretty high, and I imagine it has been designed so - as the background tunes is a choppy Japanese orchestral arrangement that somehow got me racing through my meal.

Having said that, the tempura is decent and the portions are generous for the amount you pay. It's no wonder this joint has long boasted an intimidating queue round the side of the block - we all love a good deal. Will I be in a hurry to come back though? ... probably not. 😬


Special Tendon.

This is the second tendon that I've tried, the first being the one from Don Meijin. With all the hype surrounding this tendon, I had high expectation for this. Though it kind of fell short as I felt that in comparison with Don Meijin's tempura, this isn't as crispy. I do enjoy having the egg and breaking it open to mix with the rice. For its price, I think it's packed with more tempura than the ones offered by Don Meijin. Can't really say that I like this though. Gotta try Tempura Kohaku next I guess!

Vegetable Tendon ($12.90)

With the scent of sesame oil, light batter encases a crowd of vegetables that rises well above the rim of a deep bowl of wholesome Hokkaido rice, doused twice over in special housemade sauce — a blend of dashi, mirin, shoyu, sugar and water. Pluck apart the pieces to place on a dish and have them hot, fresh and crisp. Optimally flash fried upon order, they lock in taste and sweetness but little grease. Crunchy corn, long beans and lotus root, tasty egg plant, peppers and pumpkin and a yummy round of leafy greens encased in tempura. A bite into the shiitake mushroom, fried taut in its golden jacket, reveals the juicy insides glistening — tempting.
This Vegetable Tendon ($12.90) comes as a filling set with that savoury, eggy chawanmushi they've got going on 😋 plus a side of earthy miso soup, full of seaweed.

Heaping, Generous Tempura

I finally hopped onto the tendon hype and popped by #tendonginzaitsuki for dinner. While not unpleasant, it wasn't an outstanding beacon of Japanese gastronomical delight either. It wasn't bad. I enjoyed that it wasn't too greasy, that portions were hearty and that there was a free flow of pickled vegetables to cleanse my palette. I particularly enjoyed the onsen egg sitting innocently under the towering shrimp and pieces of tempura-ed chicken fillets (though a little dry, they were entirely flavourless). It burst with gooey abandon and brought oomph to the dish. What really stood out though, was the starter that came with this $13.90 set - Chawanmushi. Silky smooth, pudding-like egg with the ability to melt into a rich broth in the mouth. So worth it!

Special Tendon

Now, to be completely fair, I came here while I was still pretty stuffed from a hefty late lunch.

I havent tried other tendons yet, and while this wasn't a mindblowing omg-i-gotta-eat-this-again experience, I was still pretty satisfied. The batter encasing a good assortment of ingredients was indeed light and non greasy and came on top of fluffy Japanese white rice. I did wish they were more crispy though! The most memorable tempura for me was for sure the oozy soft boiled egg.

I think for this generous portion with miso soup AND chawanmushi, it's definitely a good deal. The queue was more than an hour long, but made bearable with the stools parked outside and complimentary Japanese Barley tea. Now that's customer service.

Overall: I usually wouldn't be in line for that long, so I cant comment if I would queue again, but thankfully I was with good friends that night to make the wait much less painful.

Special Tendon

1x oozy egg hidden beneath a pyramid of tempura. They only serve 2 kinds of bowls here - special or vegetables. Another concept by Keisuke - this time no ramen, but Tendon(天井) - tempura+don.
$18 for a chawanmushi, miso soup, and a bowl of 2 pieces each of chicken, prawns, long beans, 1x mushroom tempuras and free flow of picked vegetables. Probably not the lightest/crispiest/cleanest-tasting tempura batter found. Still, it is great value and definitely above average. Some love the drizzled tempura sauce. Tempura-lovers to venture, others: alright to try.
The place always sees queues, even on a Sunday at 11.45am, so go early.

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