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From the Burpple community

We waited 45mins in the rain for a taste of this. A smooth creamy chicken broth boiled down using chicken bones. What makes this even more special are the toppings. Soft runny yolk in the egg, seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato and grilled asparagus. Instead of char siew, you get pieces of tender poached chicken breast. Also, I got to add roast beef slices which makes this bowl even more awesome!! This was totally worth the wait and queue.

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The chicken broth is very potent and fragrant, probably 3 times more concentrated than our usual chicken stock, with an additional creamy touch.
A little shop which can hold less than 10 hidden along the busy streets of Ginza, totally worth queueing for 30 mins under the rain.

鶏白湯中華そば A popular Tori-Paitan (chicken-broth) #ramen star hidden in the back alleys. Short story on blog👆#musttry #tokyo

Thick creamy brimming with chicken goodness. Check out that perfectly cooked chicken breast with a hint of pink 😻