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Ginett is a contemporary restaurant and wine bar in Singapore’s historic Arts District, opened on February 14th 2017. Situated at 200 Middle Road, Ginett is a go-to destination for guests looking for a relaxed yet buzzy escape. Hearty European favourites, superb French wines, quick and easy set lunches and high quality, affordable wines, are all part of Ginett’s wide-ranging offering, making it a memorable and accessible experience for everyone.

200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

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07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

07:00am - 11:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Had to wait 20 minutes for the molten chocolate cake so you know this better be good. The 70% valrhona guanaja molten chocolate was so rich, flowing out with a thick yet smooth consistency. No doubt it’s sweet, but nothing too unbearable if you neutralise it with the crumbs and vanilla ice cream on the side, as well as with a glass of wine. And definitely share this decadent dessert if you’re not too much of a sweet tooth.


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(Clockwise from top left) O'Conner Striploin 250g $36, Duck Leg Confit $28, Carbonara $20, Cauliflower Steak $18

Always love the chill vibes here, and the food while slightly expensive are consistently great. The dish that was the highlight was strangely enough the cauliflower steak, it was sooo good - the grilled cauliflower alone was so flavourful, but paired with the romesco sauce took it to a whole other level. We loved the other dishes as well.

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The choux was crispy for a while only, vanilla ice cream was slightly chewy tho, is it gelato? Simple stuff but it's sinful magic when put tgt, so basic but so irresistible

Share amongst 3 so everyone can dig in immediately, take your time and you're getting soggy profiteroles

Also, ask for extra utensils. Idk why a French restaurant doesn't change utensils before dessert, esp since there's service charge.

Prawn was a tad less cooked than normal, so the texture was about different. This wasn't aglio olio at all, it's kind of soupy w spinach and bacon. Not super impressive

Saw another table's carbonara looks very far from being authentic too

Honestly for 34 and this portion, the walnuts and dried apricots were quite underwhelming.

Clockwise from top right(furthest):
Reblochon: quite soft, rather strong sharpness when u just put it in your mouth but easy to eat afterwards. Slightly salty too
Tomme de Savoie: mild, creamy texture, quite soft, doesn't taste like much
Saint nectaire: it really does have a mild nectarine sweetness and aroma, otherwise like brie without the savoury edge
sainte-maure de touraine: this is damn goaty. Can't taste anything. Smells like goat's piss. Better not to order unless u really experienced w goat cheese
Saint Félicien: as you can tell it's molten even at room temperature. It's as soft and buttery as it looks, extremely salty tho

Overall good to have tried once, order if you are curious about these french cheeses that are not available for retail anywhere else. Unless you're very experienced it's probably not something you're gonna enjoy. If you're new to these and just gonna order the safe options like brie or sth then you're wasting your money, you can get much more for much cheaper if you buy at cheese shop or fairprice finest

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Ginett is known for its great deals including the 2h free flow $15 mimosa weekend brunch deal with every main meal ordered, and many other deals that vary each day of the week. As girls who love their mimosas, 🥂 we’ve been to Ginett quite a few times and think the quality of their food is generally enjoyable (our overall rating from our visits is 7/10). However, our experience at Ginett this time round was quite shockingly unfortunate… 🫣

Wild Mushroom Truffle Risotto ($21++) 🍄 6.5/10
Arborio rice, truffle essence, mascarpone cream, grilled seasonal vegetables

The earthy taste of the mushrooms shined through in this dish and it wasn’t jelat but quite light actually despite the cream component! However, our risotto was practically swimming in a pool of tasteless oil or smt it was kinda sus ngl… but regardless it still tasted alright so do what you want with this info (we saw other pics of this dish and it didn’t have this puddle of oil so we probably went on a bad day) 🥴

Angus Beef Rib Eye 250g ($42++) 3.5/10
The ribeye was complemented nicely with a rich béarnaise sauce and a choice of sides where we picked the creamed spinach which was delish. Cutting into the steak that we ordered medium rare, we were super disappointed to find greyish dried-out meat instead of the pink juicy appearance we were expecting… We decided to inform the staff of the mistake and the steak was sent back to be replaced.

BUT the same steak was returned to us, chopped up into pieces and stacked on top of one another, cold. ☠️ Luckily, one of the attentive service staff salvaged this experience for us. Noticing that something was wrong, she apologised for returning the same steak to us due to a miscommunication with the kitchen and offered to bring us a new steak. However, as we were full we declined the offer and she waived the charges of our steak instead.

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