Modern bistro . Original creations . Specialty coffee Gastrosmiths x HomesToLife

112 East Coast Road
#03-06 I12 Katong
Singapore 428802

11:30am - 09:30pm


11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

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This dish packs a punch upon first bite. An oozing whirlwind of sweet, savoury and smoky flavors is how would describe this dish.

Angus Hamburg & Truffled Egg ($14)
Had a quick meal @Gastrosmiths before my movie and made an easy choice ordering the Angus Hamburg & Truffle Egg rice bowl thanks to @burpple ‘s 1-1 promotion when I flash the Burpple app! $7 nett for a rice bowl served with a quarter pound Angus hamburg drenched in the housemade hamburg sauce that’s somewhat sweet and savoury and accompanied by egg mayo (probably mixed with truffle oil), can’t say no to that! Food also came really quickly, which is great when you are rushed for time! Also tried the Cauliflower Arrabiata ($6) and 96-hour marinated chilled duck ($7.50) which were both excellent! Will be back!

Another trip back to GastroSmiths, you know I’m a fan. 😛This little side dish of duck is one of the best on their updated menu and that’s setting the standard high!

Soaking in a light oolong angelica root marinade and then cooked to the perfect doneness, the dish is complete as the saltiness of the fowl marries perfectly with the refreshing flavours of yuzu kosho and the pickled scallions. Even the portions are generous man!

TL;DR Get this, you’ll have no regrets. 👅💦

Generously stuffed with fried chicken, tartare, topped with black lumpfish caviar. The fried chicken was crisp and tasty but a pity that the bun was a tad dry.

Being someone who appreciates fine cheese and good dessert, I was immediately drawn to the Gorgonzola & Black Truffle Honey ($10) - vanilla seed ice cream with morsels of creamy, robust gorgonzola, crumble and the supposed second lead of the show, the truffle honey, which unfortunately left little impression on me. While the gorgonzola and ice cream pairing was nicely balanced, something seemed to be lacking. Perhaps if the cheese was incorporated into the ice cream it would've been more of a showstopper.

Decided to make use of the 1-for-1 promotion to try their Angus Humburg & Truffled Egg ($14). Opted for medium-rare, as all steaks should be, and was greeted with a tender and juicy hamburg, with a demi-glacé sauce that evenly coated every grain of rice. Along with the creaminess of the truffled egg (like chilled egg salad) and wispy bonito flakes, it's a remarkable combination of simplistic yet elegant flavours that cannot go wrong.

It's rather small, portion-wise, but that means you get to try other dishes and enjoy every morsel without feeling grossly overstuffed.

The caviar, I suppose, added to the luxury of this dish but really did not do much for the dish and could be done without.
They did not have the fisherman mee sua and the sea bass somen for the day which were the dishes I went there to eat. The waitress was rather rude when I asked what else was not available, and suggested that they could use Facebook to inform their would-be patrons of items that were out for the day. Don’t get me wrong - the food is great, now for some smiles to do the place some justice. #gastrosmithssg #burpple

As if Katong is not ulu enough, this bistro is a real hole in the wall as it shares a space with a furniture store in I12 Katong. Nonetheless, the journey was well worth it with the warm service provided and excellent food served.

The Kimchi Konnyaku ($6, top left) is a great starter to wet your appetite without being overly sour or spicy. Unlike the styles of traditional Korean, this is milder with additional chewiness from the konnyaku jelly. The Spanish pork neck with grape reduction ($7.50, bottom right) was a slight disappointment, however, with the pork being a little tough and dry but was still tasty and it pairs really well with the grape reduction which helps to cut the pepperiness.

Going down to the real deal, the beef dishes here are a must-try. The Angus 150 days grain-fed hanger steak ($10 for 150g, bottom left) was so flavourful and I must commend Gastrosmiths for hitting that medium-rare doneness perfectly - nicely seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. For something heartier, get their Angus Hamburg with truffle eggs rice bowl ($14, top right). Pro tip: mix up the sauce-infused rice with the truffle eggs, have your spoon filled with a bit of all the components - yes including the juicy beef patty that is packed with flavour - and your body will thank you for that ultimate indulgence.

What's more, all prices are NETT and no service is charged. You're welcome. (and thanks to Burpple for the vouchers!)

Juicy handmade beef patty, served with truffle eggs on the side that was tasty and surprisingly not too heavy, with hamburg sauce on fluffy rice that makes it easy to finish! If it’s not enough, do a double patty upgrade for $6, or just order more small plates because they’re good.

PS. This is super value-for-money - simply flash the promotion on your #burpple app when ordering to redeem this 1-for-1 Angus Hamburg (U.P. $14, excluding patty upgrade).

For someone who loves variety, the concept of @gastrosmiths with a sizable menu of small plates (generally priced at $10 and below) works for me.

The Grilled Spanish pork neck was no doubt my favourite from the eatup, smokey and incredibly tender! I loved the side of sweet roasted grape sauce. No sharing is required here - will definitely get a portion just for myself next time😌 portion is fine (130g) so there’s no fear that you won’t be able to get other items to try!

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @gastrosmiths for having us!

Camambert Rosemary Honey Toast ($9)-standard toast, but pretty good combination of semi melted camembert and honey 3.75/5

Place is merged with a furniture store, cozy place though.

Angus Hamburg with truffle eggs ($14)-perhaps too much sauce, but the sauce was really good. The eggs were that of an egg mayo type. Hamburg was pretty good. 4.5/5

The salty sweet combination was so on point, not too sweet not cheesy. Wouldn’t mind having this every day for breakfast/tea-time/dessert!

Oozy melted Camembert, with a drizzle of honey to cut through the richness. Sourdough was toasted to perfection — crispy on the sides, yet maintaining a fluffy, chewy bite in the middle. So simple, yet so extremely satisfying.

Got a little busy to write this post but glad to be invited to the Burpple Tastemaker Eatup at Gastrosmiths a while ago — got to enjoy quite a number of their small plates which works great for groups to try a little bit of everything. Of the lot, my favourites were actually the greens — the Grilled Kai Lan, Pickled Daikon was smoky, crunchy and beautifully charred, while I simply couldn't resist the Cauliflower Arrabiata which features roasted cauliflower with its charred florets and tangy, mildly spicy tomato sauce with onion pickles. Even the Tofu & Roma Tomato, Shoyu Caramel was splendid — the silken tofu was a match with that mix of savoury and sweetness behind the sauce that is signature to Gastrosmiths. Those looking for meaty options would also be happy to learn about the tender Angus 150 Days Grain Fed Hangar Steak and the well-crusted and flavourful Grilled Spanish Pork Neck, Roasted Grapes. Gastrosmiths also offer quite a number of more substantial bites that works great as a meal, including the Angus Hamburg & Truffle Egg Rice Bowl (highly recommended for a main!) and Fried Chicken Caviar Roll. Really liked how the Grilled Camembert Toast, Rosemary Honey rounded off the meal though — cheesy, sweet and atop crusty toast; I don't even mind having it as dessert or breakfast!

Thanks to Gastrosmiths for hosting, and Burpple for the invite — a place I would be pretty much looking forward to visiting again!

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1-for-1 Angus Hamburg
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1. Enjoy 1-for-1 Angus Hamburg and Truffled Egg Bowl U.P $14 nett for one bowl

2. Valid daily for dine-in only

3. ""Double Patty"" upgrade will be charged separately, it is not applicable for 1-for-1

4. Flash the promotion on the Burpple App upon ordering to redeem. Strictly unredeemable after payment has been made

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