[CLOSED] Fukuichi Japanese Dining (TripleOne Somerset)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A great place to dine for shoppers, couples, family, and business associates, our restaurant sets out over 4000 sq ft of warm Japanese ambience away from the orchard crowd. The 150-seat Fukuichi encompasses a Sushi Bar, Tatami Room, VIP Room and a Sake Wine Bar nestled in an outdoor terrace overlooking a tree-lined boulevard.

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Was thinking between this or Kaiware restaurant opposite. Decided to eat this because I was craving for some ikura sushi. Lunch sets here all have great value and the standard is consistent.

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Rounded off the last day of the #JubileeSG weekend with a splendid dinner at #Fukuichi. The @ieatishootipost 7-course meal came in generous individual portions. They were scrumptious and packed with little surprises - I found kani in my century egg tofu, and scallops in my foie gras chawanmushi (uh huh). All that quality nosh for an unbeatable price of $50++. Available for both lunch and dinner.


The deep-fried softshell crab was extremely crunchy and pleasantly free of oil. Equally good was the brilliant orange roe which was fresh and firm. I would have preferred every bite to be more luscious though. A little extra creamy Japanese mayo would have made it perfect.


As strange as it sounds, this was the first time I felt a little creeped out by meat. When I'd asked what type of beef it was, the waitress checked with the chef and told me it's called "Australian melting sirloin". Pardon my ignorance but I've never heard of such a thing. But it wasn't an inaccurate moniker either. The texture of the beef was buttery soft and indeed very, very smooth. Almost too smooth if you get my drift - I had visions of genetically modified cows sprawled silently around a field.... Anyway, helping to up the flavour stakes was the teriyaki sauce which I'd have preferred to be less watery.
It's safe to say yours truly won't be rushing back for this.


I like my sashimi fresh and sweet in thick cuts and Fukuichi satisfied me. 😋


Never have and pretty sure it'll be hard to come by another soft shell crab that is as mind-blowingly good as this one. These darlings are amazingly crispy, not greasy, and even after deep frying, I could still taste the freshness and sweetness of the flesh within. The batter is really thin; almost non-existent, which means you don't just bite into fried flour which is quite often the case. I also didn't have any use for the dipping sauce because they were already so tasty on their own. I happily declare this possibly the best soft shell crab ever!