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Serving is not HUGE

It's actually just nice. A little expensive for the price, but their curry is better than the average jap curry you'll find out there.

Hailing from Hiroshima, another Japanese eatery has joined the busy food enclave at Orchid Hotel and serves up their rendition of Hiroshima Japanese curry rice.
The all toppings option came with a slab of pork tonkatsu, chicken karaage, shabu pork, minced meat, cheese and topped with an onsen egg.
Quite value for money given the portion, but I found the assortment of ingredients too fanciful that I got distracted from the curry, decent but didn't left a deep impression.

Replacing defunct Ramyun & Soju at Orchid Hotel, this Japanese curry house from Hiroshima is worth checking out if you're in Tanjong Pagar. The space is rather cramped, so go solo or bring just a friend or two. They offer customised toppings and spice, like many other curry houses out there, but what really sets them apart is the inclusion of paitan soup. Diners are encouraged to add the light broth to any leftover rice and curry, turning it into a porridge-like consistency that is quite comforting. The Deep Fried Chicken Curry ($15.70) is a classic, and one that has Burppler Jianwei Low coming back from his weekly fix. For something different, try the Garlic Pork Belly Curry ($15.70). Sliced thinly, the pork was less garlicky that Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua expected, but he still enjoyed it for its juiciness. Pro tip: The bowl may look large but don't be deceived, says Xing Wei. The portion is actually good for one.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

I love Japanese curry and come here for my weekly fix. Prefer the original as the spicy option kinda loses the essence of curry. Creative way of using chicken broth to clean up d finger linkin good sauce

Garlic Pork Belly Curry ($15.75)
Newly opened ‘s bold statement “if you haven’t tried ours, you haven’t tried tonkatsu curry” unfortunately seems anything but. The curry was interesting with the addition of minced meat but was a tad salty. What’s special here has to be the inclusion of their paitan soup which was to be added to the curry. Not sure I relish the idea of turning my curry rice into a bowl of brown soupy mess. I guess the dragon fell to the monster afterall!

From Fujiyama Dragon Curry at Orchid Hotel — this new Japanese curry house replaces the former grounds of Ramyun & Soju. The menu features quite a variety of Japanese curry dishes, though the main novelty about this place is that Paitan soup is available on the side — patrons at encouraged to pour in the Paitan soup into the remaining curry to enjoy a different taste to their Japanese curry.

Despite the large bowls being used, the portion is actually pretty good for one — the bowls are deceptively large and deep but it's pretty shallow in fact. Actually found this to be not too bad; I quite enjoyed the Japanese curry sauce which carried a hint of sweetness without being too salty; I have opted mine to come "Spicy" and the spiciness felt a but more peppery than one that stems from chili. Mix in the minced pork, spring onions and the sous vide egg into the rice and Japanese curry for a silkier, yet savoury touch — the garlic pork belly is sliced pretty thinly; not quite as garlicky as I expected but were pretty juicy and carried a hint of sweetness even. Not sure if I actually poured in enough Parian soup in to mix everything up (halfway through I was actually a little confused if it was water or Paitan Soup due to the lack of labeling of the stuff on the table), but I must say I did like the Japanese curry pretty much on its own. It's decent an option to check out if Tanjong Pagar is your 'hood.

The curry is addictive and found out that pork oil was part of the curry, and is absolutely fragrant 😋.
Sharing some tips at Fujiyama Dragon Curry
1. Change white rice to healthier multigrain rice
2. FREE upsize for rice
3. Choose your spicy level
4. Pour chicken soup over some leftover curry and enjoy the curry porridge. Eat till the last drop. The chicken stock tasted as good as it is 😋
5. Freeflow roasted barley tea
Fujiyama Dragon Curry from S$12.70.
All toppings wild curry at S$19.70 (U.P.S$21.20)
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Fujiyama Dragon Curry
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