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From the Burpple community

A surprise gem. I ordered the Xuang Yu (fried & sliced fish) soup with milk and compliment it with a bowl of rice.
The milky fish soup is delicious, reminds me of the fish soup stall Maxwell Road Food Center, sliced fish is fresh and fried fish is flavourful. On first taste, will make you crave for more.
Will definitely return to eat again.

Apparently owner changed, formerly name wasn’t changed to new owner yet. Now tastes even better IMO

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First time trying Ah Ma Bak Kut Teh after my colleague introduced it to me. I have tried many different herbal bak kut Teh and this Claypot bak kut Teh ($6) is comparable to those I tried in JB. Worth a try 👍

Prawn noodles

Added 50cents for extra noodle
Soup base is thick and tasty. Generous in portion. There are prawn, pork, fish cake and vege.

5.00 dollars only



Cheap and decent YTF from Original Yong Tau Foo. Very Happy that I can have it with chee cheong fun! Yummy!

#YTF #Tradehub21

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Fatty char Siew from 华仔。。 u either love love it or hate it. 😜


Was at tradehub 21 to retrieve my MacBook, walked around and couldn't find any bcm. I decided to have some mini wok instead! I asked the uncle casually, "do you sell Bak chor mee?". He said he don't but he can improvise! So he cooked me this not on the menu Bak chor Maggie mee with Ikan Bilis and meatballs, chili was pretty good too! (Served on a mini wok😂)