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From the Burpple community

Generous slab of salmon done medium rare, buckwheat soba seasoned with soy sauce, grilled asparagus and shimeji mushrooms. An Asian-inspired dish in a western cafe setting. A combination that I've seen before elsewhere hmmm. Overall the food was good for that price and the atmosphere was lovely and quiet. The other dishes we ordered weren't as good though imo. The roasted chicken leg came with cold potatoes (literally still icy on the inside like it hadn't thawed and cooked through completely) and the Apple pie with vanilla ice cream which wasn't as good as I remembered it to be 😞

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It was good nonetheless, but I'm keen to try the fish pasta next time. And yes, I ate my favorite red velvet cake from them, reminds me of the 21st birthday red velvet cupcakes @weelingtan made for me back then :) #memories

finally some comfort cafe food again 😁 decided to have a sweet breakfast today, so i ordered the Dark Chocolate & Mixed Berries Pancakes ($14) and a cup of English Breakfast (+$3 add on). i couldn't finish the pancakes because they were really big, but it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth hehe 😍 it consisted of pancakes with melted chocolate inside, more chocolate bits and a generous amount of mixed berries on top, a dollop of sweet cream, and lastly drizzled with sweet Gula Melaka. so much sweetness in one simple dish, a great start to my day!


This dish tastes better than it looks though.
It tasted peppery good, there was pulled pork, bacon, cherry tomatoes and an egg underneath the messy leaves.
Btw this place does not charge for service. 👍
#pasta #burpple #TGIF

Start of the long weekend at my fave brunch place. The sweetness of the chocolate complements the sourness of the berries. Pancake was soft and fluffy too. A really good combination.

This is nearby Singapore Art Museum. Meat and Fish dishes are positioned mainly,so I ordered fish and chips, and iced lemon tea. Fried fish, French fry,and salad are all nice but large in quantity. My stomach had been full for 2-3 hours. If you can,you may eat after walking around the museum to eat deliciously.