The Ultimate Guide to Eating Around the World at Jewel Changi Airport

What to eat at Singapore's new foodie destination

Lobster rolls from London, burgers from New York, charcoal-grilled cod fish from Japan — these are just some of the dishes from around the world we wish we could eat anytime. Enter: Jewel, Changi’s latest gem that houses the world’s tallest waterfall, a forest valley with Jurassic Park vibes and a plethora of name-brand restaurants to satisfy our food and wander lust. From 112 dining spots, we have curated six must-try places for you to check out the next time you’re sending a loved one off or simply exploring Jewel. Bring this guide along to kickstart a gastronomical adventure of global proportions!

Shake Shack


Photo by Burppler Melissa Chue

Start your culinary journey with this New York burger joint that needs no introduction. The ShackBurger ($9.20) is a delicious combination of bouncy potato buns and a juicy Angus beef patty slathered in a barbeque-y secret sauce. The crowd favourite ‘Shroom Burger ($10.80) is probably the most satisfying veggie burger around. We can’t get enough of the portobello mushroom with oozy stringy cheese and fresh greens that combat the cloy. End your meal with a Singapore-exclusive Pandan Shake ($7.80), a frozen custard, vanilla, pandan and coconut blend topped with Gula Melaka Crumble — for those with a sweet tooth only!

Emack & Bolio’s


Photo by Burppler K T

From a New York must-have, we head over to a Boston-based ice cream store that takes their Instagrammable desserts pretty cereals-ly. The young at heart will be delighted to find familiar childhood favourites like Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies and even Coco Pops studded onto your cones— the perfect accessory to their wide selection of 35 ice cream flavours. For ultimate satisfaction, we recommend pairing S’moreo with a Coco Pops cone ($11) and Space Cake with a Fruity Pebbles Cone ($11).

Burger & Lobster


Opening 20 May 2019

With a cult following in the UK, it was only a matter of time before the lobsters rolled right into Singapore. Despite having a compact menu of just burger, lobster or lobster roll, this meal is pretty much foolproof. Get the decadent Lobster Roll with generous chunks of succulent lobster slathered in sauce and piled between signature toasted rolls accompanied by fresh salad. While it may be a little pricey, take it as one off your bucket list without the hassle of flight.

Pink Fish


Photo by Burppler Alicia Kho

Indulge in hearty, fresh fast food at the first ever Asian flagship store by Chef Geir Skeietop who secured a win at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or World Finals in 2009. Try their American Poke Bowl ($10.90) for a slightly spicy take on Hawaiian poke, with uber fresh salmon sashimi and an assortment of vegetables slathered in a creamy chilli marinade. If you’re in the mood for something light, their creamy European soup ($10.90) with fresh chunks of salmon, dill and fennel should do the trick.

Yun Nans


Photo by Burppler Sophia Eng

With over 150 outlets in China under their belt, this outlet in Jewel is Yun Nans’ latest addition and also its debut on the international food scene. Their Steampot Chicken Soup ($24.90) is pressure-cooked in earthenware pots, without water, to produce a thick broth that is pure essence of chicken. Another must-try is their Grilled Fish with Lemongrass ($22.90) that is seared fresh over charcoal to maintain its soft, flaky texture. Note that it takes half an hour to cook, but it is well worth the wait!



Photo by Burppler Alicia Kho

Journey into the land of the rising sun for the next part of your culinary expedition. Treat yourself to a decadent meal at Restaurant Suju Masayuki for their Gindara Misozuke Yaki Teishoku ($42), a smoky-sweet charcoal-grilled miso marinated cod fish that is divine when paired with white rice. Then, stop by JW360 Cafe for a Japanese Gelato set ($7.50) that comes with two scoops (we recommend the potent Japanese Whiskey and unique Soba-Cha flavours) and a sweet potato topping. Lastly, head over to their specialty store Nomono and stock up on healthy snacks like air-fried raw Apple Chips from A&S ($7.50).

Other Places in Jewel to Check Out

The Alley : For 24 hr Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with hand-crafted tapioca pearls
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory : For light and sweet cheese milk pie
Birds of Paradise: For homegrown nature-inspired gelato
O’TAH: For crispy mackerel fish otah fries