The Ultimate Gift Guide for Foodies

Friends give good gifts. Foodie friends give good food gifts!

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It’s that jolly good time of the year when the warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart grows alongside your waistline and credit card bill — yes, the season of gifting is upon us! From one #ForeverHungry folk to another, here are 10 yummy ideas for every foodie friend.

Gifts under $20

The indecisive diner
Gift this: Makan Roulette Pin ($10.90)


Photo by The Farm Store

We all know that one person who can never decide on what to eat. This cheeky and possibly functional gift — we make no guarantees — might just be the perfect badge of honour. It probably won’t make ’em any more decisive, but you’ll both have a good laugh!

Snag this pin at The Farm Store.

The bread-obsessed friend
Gift this: Baguette Bag ($15)


Photo by Tiong Bahru Bakery via Facebook

Don’t be fooled – this ain’t no ordinary tote bag. It’s got a genius front pocket, specially designed for the bread-obsessed. Now they can strut down the streets like a true Parisian — with fresh baguettes in tow. Rainy day out? It’s a good thing umbrellas are shaped just like baguettes (it’s a perfect fit)!

Bag one at Tiong Bahru Bakery.

The one who’s mad for mala
Gift this: Mala Potato/Cassava Chips ($7 each)


Photo by Burppler Joe Yang

If you can’t gift mala, gift mala chips! These potato and cassava chips evenly coated in tongue-tingling, mouth-numbing spice are as good as the real deal. Get mala devotees a bag (or two) of these tried-and-tested treats, and you’ll be paving your way deeper into their hearts.

Bag these mala chips at Ooh.

The Yishun dweller
Gift this: Uniquely Yishun Chrysanthemum Tea ($19.90)


Photo by Naiise

The Yishun jokes may be getting old, but this box of Uniquely Yishun Chrysanthemum Tea ($19.90) is too apt to pass up — especially if your friend actually lives in the ‘hood! Come what may in the district, there’s nothing a soothing cup of tea cannot fix.

Get this tea-rrific gift at Naiise.

Gifts under $40

The chocolate addict
Gift this: Barre Infernale Pistache ($35)


Photo by Edélices

We present you — the answer to any chocoholic’s cocoa-motivated prayers. This life-changing chocolate bar sees decadent pistachio praline stuffed with whole pistachios, coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate made from 75% cacao.

Give chocolate, give life at Hello Chocolate.

The friend who loves ceramics
Gift this: Black Alterego Bowl ($30)


Photo by Mud Rock Ceramics

That artsy friend of yours who absolutely adores beautiful ceramic ware? This would make an excellent addition to their collection. Also works if your friend is simply a fan of Alter Ego — show ‘em you approve of their allegiance to the dark side with the bowl that their favourite poke comes in.

Bowl your friend over with this baby from Mud Rock Ceramics.

The foodie friend who loves great deals
Gift this: Burpple Beyond All Day 3-Month Membership ($24.90)


Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan

Help your food-crazy friend enjoy even more with 1-for-1 dining at over 300 great places like Dumpling Darlings, Sunday Folks and Park Bench Deli. Here’s to sharing many more yummy, pocket-friendly meals together. Did we mention that new places are added weekly?

Gift the joys of 1-for-1 dining from the Burpple Beyond Gift Shop.

Gifts to Splurge On (for the extra special people in your life)

The die-hard cheese lover
Gift this: A customised cheese hamper (from $50)


Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH

Know a cheese fanatic who worships it in all forms and flavours? Brie a good friend and splurge on a cheese hamper from this Queenstown specialty store, stocked with over 50 artisanal cheeses. Just name your budget, and cheesemonger Ms Syu will curate a selection worth every cheese lover’s while.

Head to the Cheese Ark for a hamper.

The beer guzzler
Gift this: Craft Beer Advent Calendar ($159)


Photo by Thirsty

Send your beer-loving friend early holiday cheer with this unconventional advent calendar. The box contains 24 craft beers hidden behind individual perforated doors, so they can tear open a daily mystery tipple. Heads up loving wives — bring home a box of this and the hubby’s bound to love you for a long, long time.

Shop a beery good gift.

The lifelong foodie friend
Gift this: Burpple Beyond’s All Day Annual Membership ($55.20)


Photo by Burppler Sg Nomster

Show your makan buddy how much you treasure your foodie friendship with a whole year of 1-for-1 dining at over 300 great places (and counting). Now every time they go out for a meal, they'll remember what a wonderful friend you are. Look forward to fancier friends’ nights out at Aura or the newly opened GAKE.

Gift the joys of 1-for-1 dining from the Burpple Beyond Gift Shop.

Happy gifting and have a delicious holiday with 1-for-1 dining from the Burpple Beyond Gift Shop — yes, you CAN treat yourself too!