Raise a Glass to Your Leading Ladies with 1-for-1 Drinks

This International Women’s Day, cheer your ladies on with a drink.

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Here are eight great places for honouring each special woman in your life with a deserving treat — 1-for-1 drinks on Burpple Beyond.

Jekyll & Hyde – 1-for-1 Signature Cocktail (save ~$22)


Photo by Burppler Bea Bat

For that happy-go-lucky friend
Here’s looking at that one friend we all have – the lovable girl-next-door. She is the epitome of summer; sweet, refreshing, and always with a smile. A genuine soul like hers is befitting of a fruity and easy-to-drink Sakura Spring ($22) — think yogurt, lemon juice, strawberry jam, coupled with a hint of shiso umesho, gin and sake. Plus points for friendly staff and welcoming vibes at this joint as well.

Monte Carlo Boys – 1-for-1 Cocktail (save ~$21)


Photo from Monte Carlo Boys' Facebook page

For the driven gal who motivates you
This go-getter is always typing away and getting things done. Everyone deserves a break, and you should treat her to one – she’s only human after all. Cut to the chase and order a glass of straight-up, no nonsense, gin-laden Le Negroni Fume ($20) for a quick, post-work swig call. The hip yet sophisticated Monte Carlo Boys has got you covered.

Gem Bar – 1-for-1 Signature Cocktail (save ~$22)


Photo by Burppler Triffany Lim

For the life of every party
She lives life on the edge, and fun is her middle name. Who doesn’t love a girl who can party hard when the time calls for it? She’ll fit right in at this unabashedly wild bar, with the 7 Sins of Yishun ($16) in her hand. The drink is dubbed “a dark and mysterious twist of Long Island Tea, brewed with 7 sinful ingredients”.

JUJU – 1-for-1 Smoothie (save ~$7.50)


Photo by Burppler Ernest Chua

For the fitspo friend who pushes you to work out
The next time you’re out for jog with this workout buddy, head to this charming cafe housed in the Visitor Service Centre in Botanic Gardens. The icy and substantial Rise and Shine ($7.50), made with good stuff like blueberries, bananas, chia seeds and medjool dates, will be a great post-workout treat.

ZIGGY’S – 1-for-1 Bottle of Wine (save ~$128)


Photo from ZIGGY

For your sassy ‘sister from another mother’
She’s got the voice and the amazing ability to command a presence in every room she enters. Time to break open a bottle of Terroirs Pinot Noir ($128) for something classy enough to match her prowess. Did we also mention snazzy velvet seats in a karaoke bar for you to belt it out together?

L’Eclair by Sarah Michelle – 1-for-1 Two Eclairs & Drink (save ~$23.50)


Photo by Burppler Yun Zhen Choy

For mama who’s done it all for you
When was the last time you asked your mum how SHE is? It’s high time to show mum — and even your favourite aunt! — some love. Get the girls in the family together for quality time over a pot of fragrant, soothing Earl Grey and Eclairs ($23.50 as a set) at this elegant dessert house.

MuYoo – 1-for-1 Beverage (save ~$4.50)


Photo by Burppler Hiew Sisters

For the colleague you’re thankful for
Here’s to the fun-loving colleague who’s always got your back. She makes your bad days at work good, and good days all the better. Show her your appreciation by treating her to a light and refreshing Peach + Kalamansi + Passion Fruit ($4.90) fruit tea, or a smooth and milky Mango + Fresh Milk ($3.90) dirty drink at bubble tea spot MuYoo during lunch break.

TAP (Robertson Quay) – 1-for-1 Triple Beer (save ~$30)


Photo by Burppler A Taste of Dojo

For the low-key bestie
Easygoing and relaxed, she’s the person you’re most comfortable with, and deserving of being your best friend in every sense of the word. Give her a reason to dress down, kick back, and hang out over Triple Beers ($30) by the river. She’ll appreciate this casual dig with chill vibes, where you can linger for hours over long conversations.

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