New Breakfast And Weekday Lunch Sets At Tsui Wah

Brand new set meals come loaded with hearty mains, tasty sides and signature beverages!

Tsui Wah has just released a new value-for-money breakfast set which is available for a limited time only at Jewel and JEM so be sure to pop round when you're in the west. Their lunch set, on the other hand, can be ordered on weekdays at any of their outlets. 

New Breakfast Set ($10.80 Per Pax)

With each set, diners will be able to enjoy a breakfast comprising of one main, a slice of thick buttered toast, and a beverage. The selection of mains for the set include: macaroni and assorted veggies in borscht soup, macaroni in chicken soup (with added ham), or the Hong Kong-style instant noodles (with luncheon meat). All three options come with a sunny side up egg as well. 

Their beverages consist of their signature/condensed milk teas and coffees, and their Yuen Yeung (Cantonese style coffee and tea mix), just to name a few. This particular set is available every weekend from 9.30am to 10.30am and runs till the 30th of June.

New Lunch Set ($14 Per Pax)

Expect two mains, one side, and two drinks from Tsui Wah's new lunch set menu which will be available every weekday from 11am to 2.30pm. There are a total of 5 different mains to choose from including the scrambled eggs with shrimp fried rice, the shrimp roe and noodles in a rich fish soup, and the Kagoshima-style braised pork cartilage served over a bed of gravy-coated and tossed instant noodles. 

As for sides, you can either opt for their luncheon meat fries or their home-made fish soup. The beverage selection is similar to that of their breakfast set. Do note that a minimum of 2 diners are required to enjoy this deal!