National Dessert Day: Check Out These Local-Inspired Sweet Treats

It's National Dessert Day on 14 October, so what better way to celebrate than with a variety of Singapore-inspired desserts with interesting and creative twists? We're talking everything from kaya toast to chendol and even laksa!

The Humble Scoop
Photo by Burppler Claire Goh

For Chendol Ice Cream
When it comes to Singapore-inspired ice cream flavours, there's none quite like The Humble Scoop, tucked away in Katong Shopping Centre. This hole-in-the-wall spot boasts everything (from $3.90 per scoop)from Pulut Hitam and Chendol ice cream (aptly called In-Kueh-Dible), as well more novel flavours like Huat-lah (a combination of lime, pineapple and chilli). Burppler Claire Goh also loved the Muah Chee flavour, which "tasted a bit like Korean injeolmi dessert." They have delish waffles as well, so be sure to grab a seat and order one up.

City Donut
Photo by Burppler T M Tan

For Pulut Hitam Donuts
Those working in the CBD will probably have heard of this famous donut joint along McCallum Street. The best part? Prices start from as low as $1.30 and range up to just $2.80. Burppler T M Tan bought the Ondeh Ondeh ($2.80) and Pulut Hitam ($2.20), "both of which were really interesting in their own ways." Burppler Zul Latiff tried the Orh Nee ($2.50) as well, which "speaks to the kid in me and the adult me who’s got a sweet tooth."

Photo by Burppler Tiara Lim

For Orh Nee Cakes
Who doesn't like orh nee (yam paste)? We've always loved the cakes from LUNA, and their scrumptious Orh Nee Cake ($8 per slice) is a beautiful thing comprising fluffy vanilla sponge layered with yam cubes (Burppler bread_ bakesandcooks "appreciated the yam chunks that provided great texture") and a paste made from yam and gingko nuts, then slathered in coconut Chantilly cream. Stick your fork in for a heaping mouthful of yam and coconut with each bite.

Haengbok Cakeyo
Photo by Burppler Melissa Teo

For Ondeh Ondeh Fatcarons
Remember the trending Fatfatcarons from Haengbok Cakeyo, that new Korean-inspired bakery along Kampong Bahru? They're not available in flavours like Ondeh Ondeh and Orh Nee ($5.80 each or $19.80 for 4). Think macarons that are four times larger than usual stuffed with ingredients like pandan sponge, cream cheese with gula melaka and desiccated coconut flakes for the former, and all variations of yam in the latter.

Butterknife Folk
Photo by Burppler Rachel T

For Laksa Ice Cream
We have two ice cream spots on this list because we love ice cream. Butterknife Folk is one of those places that can't stop churning out new flavours, and when you see the list on their website, you'll be amazed. Of course, this includes concoctions like Cheng Tng, Haw Flakes, Kaya Toast and even Laksa. Keep a lookout on their socials for new flavour creations as their selections rotate frequently.

Puffs & Peaks
Photo by Burppler Wei Ping Ang

For Taro Coconut Donuts
Puffs & Peaks might have been nearly impossible to get when they operated purely online, but they're now more accessible with the opening of their physical store in Tampines. Their Taro Coconut Donut ($3.80) has won the hearts of many with its pillow-soft texture, and Burppler Wei Ping Ang calls it her favourite. "The taro flavour was pretty strong, and the coconut flavour made it even more fragrant. The donut itself was soft, and I pretty much loved every bit of this donut."

Tuk Tuk Cha

For Milo Toasts
If there's a drink that can be said to be a Singapore childhood icon, it's surely the Milo. Reminisce your child hoot with Tuk Tuk Cha’s Milo Condensed Milk Golden Toast or Milo Dinosaur Shibuya Toast (from $5.20). The golden toast showcases cubes of buttery toast with a crusty top coated with Milo powder and condensed milk, while the latter is a thicker, fluffier signature toast similar to the ones first popularised in Bangkok's After You Cafe. Give their Pandan Taro Kaya Shibuya Toast a try as well!