Hawker Horrors (with a Happy Ending)

Ordering at a hawker stall can be hard work. The good news is, you don’t have to do it on your own.


Photo by Burppler Gavin Chan

Like many Singaporeans, we grew up on good local grub — chicken rice, char kway teow, nasi lemak, you name it. And our source is no secret. There is only one place you will find silky smooth chicken with super fragrant rice, crisp and fluffy roti prata and bright, vinegary bak chor mee, all under one roof — the hawker centre. We can always count on these humble food hubs, ubiquitous in every neighbourhood, to leave us happily fed with our wallets still in one piece (look Ma, no holes!) But alas, the road to a rich, indulgent plate of nasi lemak is peppered with long queues and sweaty shirts. Here’s our take on some hawker horrors, and a pro tip to help you skip straight to the tasty part. Don’t thank us; thank our friends at honestbee.

H is for Hawker, H is for Hot

Let’s be honest. The number one reason for not going out to a hawker centre has to be the heat. What good is a piping hot bowl of laksa when you’re already red in the face with the sun in your eyes and your sticky, sweat-stained shirt plastered on your back? Torture, that’s what it is.


Maze Runner Gets Dinner

If you thought #01-45 was even remotely close to #01-46, you have never been so wrong. Navigating the hawker maze is no easy feat, and not one made for the weak and hungry. We would one day like to meet the guy who draws up hawker centre blueprints to find out just what motivates those completely arbitrary arrangements. But for now… can you tell us where #01-45 is?


Photo by Burppler I Makan SG

But First, Get in Line

With great hawker stalls come long, snaking queues and a steep price to pay: patience. We could get into how that wok hei-laden oyster omelette is worth every minute of the wait, but no time — quick, get in line!


Photo by Burppler fσn єlíхíєѕ

The Final Boss

Have you ever stood in line, beading in cold sweat, quietly whispering your order to yourself in hopes that when aunty asks you “Girl, what you want?”, you won’t fail your dialect-speaking forefathers, fumble with your words and trigger the ultimate death stare? Our fear of the hawker aunty and uncle is real, only because they wield the power to squander our dreams for yong tau foo.

Sounds like hard work? It really is. But before you kiss your dreams of enjoying a plate of chicken rice goodbye, consider enlisting the help of some bees. honestbee now makes the hawker runs for you with free delivery and a minimum spend of $8. No maze, no queue, no face-off with grumpy aunty, and you pay the same price? Buzz out the bees!

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