Buzziest Eats at habitat by honestbee

When it comes to habitats, food is fundamental.

Newfangled grocery and dining destination habitat by honestbee hits the sweet spot with over 15 belly-filling concepts, from a chic corner for California-inspired plates to a craft beer bar for hopheads. One Burpple Eatup and many plates on, we give you the blueprint to eating the best of habitat by honestbee — featuring five buzzy stops tried and tested by the community!

Before you go…


For those who love to eat, the habitat by honestbee experience quite literally puts food at your fingertips. So first things first, get the honestbee app! You’re gonna need it to sign up for your Bee Pass to enter the space, as well as for beePay, the in-app wallet that allows you to pay for food (or groceries). Done? You’re all set for the multi-sensory, tech-meets-food experience in this 60,000 square feet food-centric concept.

First Stop: Lazy Loaf


Photo by Burppler Ethel Tan

It’s always fun to begin a tour ogling at balls of dough being rolled into perfect loaves — you can do this through the glass windows at the bakery. But it’s even better to take your pick from the endless trays of fresh bakes. Resist the temptation to binge on bread and nibble on samples to decide on a loaf to take home instead. Burppler Emily S recommends the fluffy, flavourful Habitat Loaf ($12) made with Fiji water and echire butter. It’s best enjoyed toasted, with a light spread of sweet homemade Kaya ($8 for a jar).

Second Stop: Mr Bubbles


Photo by Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang

This charming little kiosk is dedicated to bubbly drinks, including a signature Mr Bubbles ($5, earl grey bubble tea with gula Melaka). But to prime your tummy for the feast ahead, go for Burppler Wei Zhi’s pick — the mildly sweet, probiotic-packed Canadian Maple Kombucha ($7) that’s yummy and good for your gut. Mr Bubbles grows their own scoby, which makes for distinctive flavours in their range of housemade kombucha.

Third Stop: Fish


Photo by Burppler Siming T

Rejoice when you spot the sight of fresh seafood on ice, just outside the wine room, ‘cos it means you’ll soon be huddling over a box of Tiger Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (from $13.50). Burppler Siming T names the snapper to be the catch of choice for this. The flesh remains moist and firm under the coating of crispy batter and goes excellently with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of malt vinegar. Yum.

Fourth Stop: Campfire


Photo by Burppler Ivan Teh

Up next on the agenda: meating your match! Pick out a nice slab of beautifully marbled beef at the market and drop it off at Campfire, just before the exit. This great outdoors-inspired grill station is powered by coal, binchotan and applewood — all the stuff that imparts smoky goodness to your Tajima wagyu or grain-fed beef. Sides are excellent too. Flame-grilled to a bittersweet crisp and topped with garlic chips, the Grilled Australian Kale with Lemon Vinaigratte ($10) gets Burppler Siming T’s stamp of approval.

Final Stop: Poofy


Photo by Burppler Natalie Moh

While savouring steaks over at Campfire, you might notice a small, four-walled space in the centre covered in fluffy cloud caricatures and the name Poofy. Hidden within this little island is sweet, sweet treasure — Riz Labo’s famously soft and jiggly Souffle Pancakes ($14) with fresh fruits, chantilly cream and maple syrup. Have this for dessert with a side of rich, creamy Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream ($6). Burppler Alicia Kho describes the pairing to be divine, and definitely worth ordering even if you’re feeling full from your earlier eats (your dessert tummy can take it!).

If these are not quite up your alley, there’s also roast meats from
Char (yes, that Char) at the Deli, healthy grain bowls at Chop Chop and more. Make a beeline — you’re in for smart, delicious day out!

Head here for more about habitat by honestbee.