Burpple Beyond Deals: Creameries

Sometimes the smallest thing takes up the most room in your heart… And belly. Yes, we are talking about ice cream! With #BurppleBeyond, you can get some great deals and blissful moments.

Cream & Cone (Lau Pa Sat): 1-for-1 Single Scoop Gelato (save ~$5)
Photo by Creme & Cone | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Scrumptious Waffle Pops
Churned in small batches daily, Creme & Cone’s gelatos are produced with all-natural, premium ingredients with no added preservatives. Even their signature gourmet waffle cones are handmade and hand-rolled individually! We’d recommend pairing their gelato flavours such as the Lychee Raspberry ($5 for single scoop) and Pulut Hitam ($5) with their scrumptious waffle pops that come with a medley of delicious toppings.

Aphrodite Waffles & Gelato: 1-for-1 Single Scoop Gelato (save ~$5)
Photo by Aphrodite Waffles & Gelato | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Blue Cheese Chocolate Gelato
Looking for a post-dinner dessert fix? Head to Aphrodite Waffles & Gelato! Their unique gelato flavours ($5 for a single scoop, $9 for double) are made in-house and include Thyme, Blood Orange Sorbet, Salted Honey, Goat Cheese, and Aphrodite which is essentially Blue Cheese Chocolate.

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters: 1-for-1 Milk Creme Soft Serve (save ~$7)
Photo by Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2022

For Soft Serve On Brioche Donuts
Cowpresso Coffee Roasters sells brioche donuts topped with soft serve! How tasty does that sound? Pair their Roasted Pistachio Soft Serve ($7) with their Toasty Honey Original Donut and you’ll certainly be in for a treat.

Amuse Dessert Co: 1-for-1 Ice Cream Brownie (~save $12)
Photo by Amuse Dessert Co | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Ice Cream Brownies
If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing desserts, Amuse Dessert Co is the place to be! Their ice cream flavours are artisanally crafted and formulated with the finest ingredients for a balanced taste and texture. Tantalise your tastebuds with their Ice Cream Brownie ($12) and you’ll see what we mean.

Burnt Cones (NEWest): 1-for-1 Premium Single Scoop In A Cup (~save $6)
Photo by Burnt Cones | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Premium Gelato Flavours
Since their inception in 2020, Burnt Cones has garnered a loyal following of patrons! Their creamery which is located at Clementi endeavours to deliver delicious gelato in premium flavours such as Coconut Lychee ($6) and Strawberry Basil ($6).

O Happi Place: 1-for-1 All-Time Favourite Single Scoop (~save $4.50)
Photo by O Happi Place | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Freshly Churned Fruity Gelato
Experience a whole new level of happiness with O Happi Place’s freshly churned gelato, hand-crafted coffee, and of course, their famous waffle and croffle selections. Delight in fruity flavours including the Mixed Berries ($4.50), the Lychee Rose Raspberry ($4.50) and the Yuzu & Mango Sorbet ($4.50).

Days of Elijah Gelato: 1-for-1 Classic Single Scoop (~save $4)
Photo by Days of Elijah Gelato | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Nostalgic Local Gelato Flavours
Specialising in artisan handcrafted gelato, Days of Elijah Gelato is home to all sorts of nostalgic local flavours including their best-selling Pulut Hitam ($4 for single scoop) that’s inspired by the traditional black glutinous rice dessert with coconut milk and palm sugar. This even comes with gooey glutinous bits for an added texture!

Overrun: 1-for-1 Soft Serve (~save $7)
Photo by Overrun | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 June 2023

For A Rotating Menu Of Special Flavours
Overrun’s over-the-top soft serves have been all the rage since they first opened up and the hype has never died down because they’ve delivered with brand new flavours time and time again. Their latest Putri Salat ($9) flavour comes with a pandan lemak kaya coconut soft serve base, kaya custard, glutinous rice, and a slice of Putri Salat kuih! We know where we’ll be headed next time we’re craving a sweet treat.

Goodlato: 1-for-1 Single Scoop (~save $4.30)
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Gelato That’s Low In Calories
Looking for artisanal gelato that’s low in calories? Well, you’re in luck because Goodlato offers just that! Try their unique Ube and Lychee Rose Gelato flavours ($4.30 per scoop) if you’re looking for something that’s light and refreshing. And, don’t forget to pair their ice cream with a cup of their Kopi ($2.50) or Teh ($2.50) while you’re at it.