Bring On The MOS Burgers!

MOS Burger is now exclusively on honestbee, and that means having those tasty rice burgers delivered to your doorstep! To help you zoom in on the good stuff only, here are our top five picks from the Japanese chain.

1. Yakiniku Rice Burger ($3.90)


First on our list is the Yakiniku Rice Burger — one look at it and you’ll get why. The firm rice buns coddle a filling of beautifully browned yakiniku beef, sweet caramelised onions and leafy purple lettuce. It’s a simple, no-brainer combination, and one that satisfies our cravings for rice, beef and burger, all at once.

2. MOS Chicken ($2.90)


Here’s a sidekick that’s more than worthy of a mention. Tucked in a prim paper pocket, the sizeable MOS Chicken sees a crunchy, golden exterior, which reveals juicy chicken breast within. We like that it’s easy to unwrap and a joy to sink our teeth into, but most of all, we love that it brings us to fried chicken heaven. It’s also a steal at $2.90.

3. Wagyu Burger Original ($5.05)

Wagyu for $5? Sign us up! More meat than bun (yes!), this solid burger deserves a place on our top five for its tasty wagyu beef patty sandwiched between soft, pillowy buns. The sweet soy sauce is rather understated, which gives way for the meat’s own flavour to shine.

4. Kakiage Rice Burger ($3.90)

This one of its kind burger is one reason we can’t get enough of MOS. Where else would you find a deep-fried veggie fritter stuffed between rice patties? Yum!

5. Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($3.55)

Also a strong contender on the menu, MOS’ Teriyaki Chicken Burger holds it own with tender teriyaki-glazed thigh that’s moist and yummy all the way through. Pro tip: Make sure to spread the dollop of  mayonnaise sauce evenly for more flavour in every bite.

Finally, to go with any of the above, add on the set for an additional $4.15, which will get you a side of fries and the mildly sweet yet very fragrant Iced Milk Tea!

Order here on honestbee for your MOS Burger fix and use the code ‘BURP12’ for $12 off your order with a minimum spend of $20 (applicable for new customers to honestbee food, for one-time use only).