Beyond Deals: Mouthwatering Desserts

Craving something sweet? Explore these well-known spots offering delicious sweet treats with #BurppleBeyond deals!

Calling all sweet tooths! If you're on the hunt for delectable desserts and treats in Singapore, your search ends here. Explore these gems that promise to satisfy your sweet cravings after a delightful meal. Whether you're in the mood for decadent cakes, creamy gelato, or innovative desserts, these establishments offer a sweet escape for every dessert enthusiast!

Oh My Cow!: 1-for-1 Single Scoop (~save $4.90)

Photo by Oh My Cow! | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Vegan Options

Oh My Cow! invites you to a world of sensory delights at their ice cream and dessert cafe. Dive into the exotic flavours of their passionfruit mango ($4.90), an enticing option that is both vegan and gluten-free. Experience the luscious and smooth texture of their ice cream, a true indulgence for the senses. For an extra touch, pair your ice cream with a decadent brownie or delicious dough fritters, elevating your sweet experience at Oh My Cow!

No Horse Run Café (Westgate): 1-for-1 Single Scoop Gelato (~save $3.90)

Photo by No Horse Run Cafe | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Rich Flavours

Step into No Horse Run, where a world of artisanal gelato and waffles awaits every visitor! Indulge your taste buds with an array of flavours, from the rich and nutty Roasted Bronte Pistachio ($3.90) to the nostalgic sweetness of Cereal Milk ($3.90). Whichever flavour you pick, rest assured that sweet treat awaits you, promising an indulgent experience that lingers long after your visit. No Horse Run is your go-to destination for a memorable dessert affair!

Lilac Oak: 1-for-1 Single Scoop (Gelato) (~save $5)

Photo by Burppler toofoodtomiss | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For A Sweeter Option

At Lilac Oak, double the experience with Beyond's enticing 1-for-1 offer on single scoops, perfectly paired with their satisfying waffles. Dive into the exquisite flavour of Vanilla Earl Grey ($5.80), where the gelato leans towards the sweeter side, indulging your sweet tooth with each spoonful. Complementing the creamy gelato is their waffle, offering a blend of crispy and chewy textures!

OnlyCreamery: 1-for-1 Single Scoop (Classic) (~save $5)

Photo by Burppler toofoodtomiss | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Unique Flavours 

Satisfy your ice cream cravings at OnlyCreamery with their single gelato scoops! The gelato has a unique texture, striking a balance between smoothness and sticky, reminiscent of cotton candy. Explore their diverse offerings, such as the rich Black Sesame ($5) and the tantalising Sea Salt Butter Caramel Biscotti ($5). OnlyCreamery promises a distinct and scrumptious journey with every scoop!

Creme & Cone (Lau Pa Sat): 1-for-1 Single Scoop Gelato (~save $5)

Photo by Burppler Jason Ng | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Floral Flavours

Nestled within the vibrant Lau Pa Sat, one of Singapore's top hawker centers, Creme & Cone has become a go-to spot for an enjoyable ice cream experience. The Lychee Raspberry ($5) never fail to impress, the balance struck between the subtle lychee and citrusy raspberry notes creates a refreshingly harmonious taste. Opting for the Bandung cone introduces a surprising twist with its strong floral flavour, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the treat!

The Frosted Chick: 1-for-1 Sliced Cake (~save $6)

Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Local Flavours

Craving cake with a local twist? Look no further than The Frosted Chick! Dive into their Pandan Kaya Cake ($6) for a fusion of flavours. As a leading Singapore cake shop, The Frosted Chick specialises in custom cakes, dessert tables, and artisanal desserts. Whether you're seeking a unique celebration cake or indulging in their unique creations, The Frosted Chick ensures a sweet experience with a touch of Singaporean flair!

Tucela Gelato: Single Scoop (Regular) (~save $4)

Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Croffles

If you're in Boon Keng area, make your way to Tucela Gelato for a pleasant sweet indulgence! Enjoy their refreshing ice cream and revel in a variety of enticing flavours including Sakura ($4) and the Oolong Osmanthus ($4)! Not to forget, you can pair your ice cream with their delicious, soft and chewy waffles, as well as their scrumptious croffles!

Sinful Cakes: 1-for-1 Bakes (~save $3)

Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Fusion Flavours

Explore this Muslim-owned patisserie renowned for its exceptional macarons! Indulge in these delectable treats, available at $2.50 per individual piece or $25 for a box of 12. The macarons showcase locally-inspired flavours such as Ovomaltine, Thai Milk Tea, and Onde Onde, promising a delightful fusion of taste at an affordable price.

Burnt Cones (Sunset Way): 1-for-1 Premium Gelato (Single Cup) (~save $6)

Photo by Burnt Cones | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Basic Flavours

Burnt Cones offers tasty ice cream with unique flavours. The purple Ube flavor is not only visually appealing but also creamy and delicious, featuring Filipino yam ($6). Matcha lovers can enjoy the Uji Matcha ($6), making it an affordable and flavourful treat for everyone!

Cheryl Scones: 1-for-1 Scones (~save $5)

Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 31 Dec 2023

For Scones

Craving handmade scones? Cheryl Scones has got you covered. Their freshly baked scones ($3.90), come in delicious flavours like Cranberry and Lemon Glaze, Butterscotch Oat, and Double Chocolate. Visit their cafe to enjoy these delightful treats, each made with care and packed with flavour!