Best Private Dining Spots in Singapore

Eight best private home dining experiences you should plan for.

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It’s about time we talked about this! Private dining has been the latest exciting thing for us food-obsessed Singaporeans, mostly because it offers alternative and sometimes unexpected dining experiences. In the comfort of the cook’s home, Singaporeans have been feasting on Peranakan dishes inspired by the travels of a writer-turned-chef, indulging in Omakase dinners where local dishes are approached with a Kaiseki style, and much more. With more indie home dining experiences popping up all over the island, it can be hard to decide which are worth trying and even reserving months in advance. So, here are eight we think you should check out!

The Battle of the Nyonyas

For Classic Peranakan Cuisine at Ampang Kitchen

article-theampang kitchen

Assam Fish with Lady’s Finger. Photo by Burppler SG Food on Foot

Burppler Kenneth Lee recommends that you pull your friends together fast if you want a taste of this father-son duo’s authentic Penang-style Peranakan food (min. eight pax per party, $60 for a 6-Course Lunch). Burppler Veronica Phua raves about their unique Buah Keluak Fried Rice that boasts an intense wok hei and is best paired with the crunchy, refreshing Banana Flower Kechai that is tossed in spicy sambal and coconut cream. On desserts, look forward to Kueh Dadar, where crepes are flavoured with pure pandan juice and filled with a delicious gula melaka and grated coconut filling. Other noteworthy dishes include the Assam Fish with Lady’s Finger and the Ayam Buah Keluak.

Contact Raymond at 9618 7107 or David at 9029 3884 for bookings, or slide into their Facebook DMs for more information.

For Unpretentious, Kampong-style Peranakan Favourites at Tinoq Private Dining


Ngoh Hiang. Photo by Burppler Jasper The6and7

Run by celebrity make-up artist, Tinoq Russell Goh, and his partner, Dylan, expect a dining experience that is as visually stunning as it is delicious ($100 for 7-8 Course Menu). Come to their homey vintage Tiong Bahru abode for Kampong-style Nyonya dishes done right. Expect succulent Char Siew and crispy Ngoh Hiang with a juicy filling of minced pork, prawn, chestnut and candied winter melon. Burppler SG Food on Foot adores the Sweet Potato Leaves with Hei Bee Hiam and the appetizing Ikan Assam Pedas, where the fiery sour gravy will have you going for seconds, thirds and fourths.

For reservations, send a text to 9338 6439 or send an email to pasirpanjangboy@gmail.com for more information.

For Polished Nyonya Dishes at Lynnette's Kitchen


Buah Keluak Prime Pork Ribs. Photo by SG Food on Foot

As one of the pioneers in the private dining scene, the internationally acclaimed Singaporean violinist-turned-chef runs a tight ship in her Tiong Bahru HDB flat. This super exclusive space may require you to get a reference from a friend in order to secure a spot, but this extra step pays off when you taste her pristine cooking. Chef Lynnette’s fragrant Sugee Cake is a must-try with its crumbly texture, gula melaka cream cheese frosting and a choice of roasted coconut or chopped almonds on top. Star dishes include her moist and flavourful Buah Keluak Prime Pork Ribs and spicy Assam Pedas Snapper Fillet with Honey Pineapple with flaky fish fillet. While her forte lies in Peranakan cooking, she offers European, Seafood and Dessert menus as well ($120 for 6 Course Menu). The meal comes with dessert and complimentary coffee or tea. Treat your dinner party to an elevated experience by requesting for wine pairing ($60 per bottle).

For reservations, text Chef Lynnette at 9297 4710 or check out her website for more information.

For Heartfelt Cooking at Fatfuku’s


Homebaked Sugee Cake. Photo by Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds

With a name that basically means good fortune, be prepared to take a number before you and your mates get a spot at this popular private kitchen ($95 per pax, min. party of 6). Be sure to book two-weeks in advance to get a taste of her Crispy Mee Siam with Prawn Sambal and Quail Eggs. This dish is a unique adaptation of her family’s beloved recipe, featuring bee hoon fried in a spice paste till uber crispy and topped with prawns, quail eggs and sambal. Save space for her famous buttery Homebaked Sugee Cake (or take some home for $30 a loaf) that is lightly toasted and served with malted corn ice cream, caramel drizzle and little white crunchy chocolate balls. Extra perfect when paired with black coffee.

For more info check out her website or slide into Chef Annette’s Instagram DMs for more info.

One-of-a-Kind Themed Adventures

For Intimate Dinners for Two at The Mixtape Chef


Chicken, Chorizo and Rosemary Paella. Photo by The Mixtape Chef

Fuelled by their passion for bringing people together over food, husband and wife Kenneth Yong and Laureen Goh customise menus to communicate their love for feeding others, kinda like an edible surprise mixtape. Bring your date for an intimate experience for two — you’ll be greeted with a welcome cocktail and have the place all to yourselves ($180/pax for "Chef's Table" Ingredient Theme Dinner, weekdays only). Alternatively, gather your ‘Friends and Family’ for a private dining experience for six and enjoy a customised 4-Course menu, or go solo and make new friends at a 12 pax mixer. Expect flavour-packed dishes from around the world like Paella, Porchetta, fragrant Marrakesh-style Chicken Tagine and savoury sweet Sicilian Pistachio Souffle.

For bookings, click here, or slide into their Facebook DMs for more information.

For Exploratory Themed Dinners at Ownself Make Chef


Luxe Hae Mee Tng. Photo by Burppler Justin Teo

Situated in the west is Chef Shen Tan’s (of Wok & Barrel and Ujong fame) kitchen that produces unique themed menus centred around a protein ($99 for 8 Course Menu) or the exploration of certain culinary ideas. For example, past dinner themes include aPORKalyse, What the Duck, Sinfully Seafood, Sweet Surrender and more. From the seafood menu, the Luxe Hae Mee Tng saw housemade oyster noodles in a rich broth of seafood and pork. With her culinary roots set firmly in Nasi Lemak, it’s no surprise that the Green Curry Clams With Nasi Lemak featured perfectly rich steamed coconut rice and thick green curry infused with kampot green peppercorns. If you’re unable to pull a group together, attend her Public dinners on Saturdays where no minimum number of diners are required. Alternatively, book out the entire space for a Private dinner fit for a celebration (min. 8 pax, max. 12 pax).

For more info on themed Menus and reservations check out Chef Shen Tan’s website.

Local Luxuries

For Fool-Proof Cantonese Dishes at Lucky House Private Kitchen


Crayfish Omelette. Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Come for Chef Sam’s hospitality and specialised Cantonese cooking (min. 6 pax, $60 for 6-Course Lunch) in his rustic home and take a walk through his organic vegetable garden where he grows his own greens. His focus on the personalised touch translates into his dishes to produce food that is one of a kind and painstakingly prepared. The super popular Concubine Chicken is bathed in a genius gravy concoction of coconut nectar, lemongrass and caramelised onions, and the Crayfish Omelette is served on a big platter, where generous chunks of crayfish are folded into fluffy egg.

Contact Chef Sam at 9823 7268 for bookings, or slide into his Facebook DMs for more information.

For Singaporean Dishes Turnt Up by Kaiseki Cooking at The Mustard Seed Pop-Up


Superior Stock Chawanmushi. Photo by Burppler Karl Ng

In the months of June or July 2019, Chef Ming will be opening his very own 10-seater restaurant. A U-shaped counter and an open-plan kitchen will give visitors an intimate experience similar to his current private dining room. Look forward to his refined cooking inspired by his Singaporean roots and kaiseki training (restaurant menu yet to be released). While the menu changes monthly, dishes like Garoupa soaked in a sticky collagen-rich pig-trotter and chicken-feet broth or tender Wagyu cutlets steeped in a steaming curry are examples of Chef Ming’s brilliance. Burppler Karl Ng raves about the umami-rich Superior Stock Chawanmushi for its delicately complex flavour and silky texture.

Find out more from Chef Ming’s website or slide into his Facebook DMs for more information.

Other Noteworthy Experiences:

Ben Fatto 95: For Delizioso Handmade Pastas (Min. 4 pax, from $70/pax)

Dearborn Supper Club: For Modern American Cuisine (Min. 6 pax, from $138/pax)

Bombay Howrah Dining Car: For a Authentic Indian Cuisine and Culture ($69/pax for 6-Course Menu)

The Wood Ear: Local Favourites Made Deliciously Architectural ($50/pax for 9-Course Menu, Saturdays only)

Wei Private Kitchen: Indie Modern Nanyang Cuisine (Min. 8 pax, from $100/pax)