Best Places To Eat This Labour Day And Hari Raya Long Weekend

Here comes yet another long weekend, and what better way to utilise it than by making a trip up to Johor!

With Labour Day and Hari Raya this weekend, we're looking at a total of four work-free days, which you can use to either catch up on sleep lost during the workweek, or make the most of it with a foodie trip across the border. Here is a list of great eats in JB that you should check out!

MacGregor'sPhoto by MacGregor's

For Drinks And Hearty Western Bites
MacGregor's is located strategically across the street from Komtar JBCC (the mall next to JB City Square), and they're serving up not only crisp cold ones and cocktails but a set of warm and filling delicacies that you should not miss. Try out their rib-eye steak (RM85), a generous cut that is also big on flavour, or their Irish beef stew (RM58), a savoury broth with meaty chunks to keep you filled. For drinks try any one of their cocktails or mocktails (RM14). We recommend the Nutty Irishman (RM35), which is a mix of Baileys, Frangelico and milk, which give this drink a creamy yet strong finish, or for those looking for something more refreshing, try their ice-blended lime margarita (RM32), which is made like a regular margarita but in ice blended form, perfect for those warm afternoons.

Lazy MondayPhoto by Lazy Monday

For Burgers
If you already had your share of Ramly burgers and are on the hunt for something more substantial and big enough to satiate your never-ending hunger, drop by Lazy Monday for their large and in charge burgers that will not only fill your tummy but leave your taste buds satisfied for a good remainder of the day. Try out the smoked brisket burger (RM39.90), which is a massive burger made with cuts of smoked brisket, this is another level of satisfaction. Their Lazy signature (RM21.70) is also a good selection for those just looking to try their burgers out, it contains two large beef patties, beef bacon and caramelized onions. Other options include their deep-fried chicken burger, the Wisconsin (RM20.80), which boasts two crispy and juicy batter fried chicken chicken patties.

Ong Shun Seafood RestaurantPhoto By Burppler Klay Eats

For Seafood And Local Delights
This place probably needs no introduction when it comes to those who frequent Johor, the best part is it's Halal certified too. The name of the game here is definitely crabs, fish and any manner of seafood you can get from them, but that's not to say their other land-based dishes are to be overlooked. Try out the savoury Marmite chicken (RM22.50, medium-sized, good enough for 3 pax), the mildly crispy exterior of the batter-fried chicken softened slightly by a generous coating of marmite and seasoning encases a juicy interior that leaks out the poultry goodness of the meat, what a treat. Another dish to try is any of their fish-based ones, we would recommend Barramundi or red snapper cooked in either Thai style or steamed Nyonya style, prices for fish vary daily so it would be good to check with the waiter before finalizing your order.

Restoran Chiang Mai ThaifoodPhoto by Burppler John Barry

For Late Night Thai Bites
Assuming you take the trip into JB on Friday evening, you'll most likely clear customs and immigration well into the night, and during those hours there might not be much selection for food, but rest assured as this Thai cuisine restaurant is open late! The pork and seafood Tom Yam (RM25) here is incredibly authentic, with a generous amount of spice (you can also request it to be less spicy) that is filled with a hearty serving of either pork or seafood), and pair this with their spicy Thai papaya salad (RM13), you'll feel like you've overshot the border and gone all the way into Patani or Songkhla.