Chef Sam Chablani, Chef Song, and the founders of Five & Dime Eatery are proud to present Fat Lulu's, a modern asian barbeque kitchen and dessert bar. This new concept incorporates bold asian flavors, grilled meats & seafood, and a spirited dessert program.

297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338

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Reviews at Fat Lulu's

Reviews of good food at Fat Lulu's
Pineapple & Coconut Ice Kachang

A big spoon for you, open your mouth please! This dish had a grand smokey entrance with the nitrogen smoke (very IG-worthy moment) and had us swooning from the very first bite. Imagine a modern remake of our local classic dessert. Pineapple granita with coconut ice cream, topped with chendol green bits and coconut foam should be eaten in a single mouthful to best appreciate the mix of flavours. ($16)

"Atas" Kinder Bueno

And you thought Kinder Bueno could not be reinvented? This dish will send you to chocolate heaven.. Minus the chocolate sponge. The bitter chocolate sherbet, the Bailey's hazelnut cream & creamy milk chocolate all hit the right sweet spots! This was like flying business class in Kinder Bueno airlines! They should rethink the sponge though. Only makes one want to poke it to test it's spongeiness! ๐Ÿ˜ ($16)

Ikan Bakar

Parrot fish... achar..Sounds like nasi lemak fish according to my friend. Eaten when freshly served, this parrot fish was sweet but had a spicy garlic chili butter to awaken those sleepy taste buds! Let your taste buds sizzle down with the fresh cucumber achar before going back for another bite of the fish. Best eaten while hot.. if not it gets a bit fishy!

Lamb Fat Potatoes

I've heard of duck fat potatoes. So when lamb fat potatoes was on the menu, how could I resist ordering? Lamb fat, leh!! Would it be ewww or wow? Only the potatoes were wow! Crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. The lamb fat left a unique aftertaste which was hard to describe in words..But made me reach out for a second piece while thinking about describing it! So that says it! Totally worth the carbs!!

Spicy BBQ Ribs

This was the night's most disappointing dish as the sauce was not able to complement the dish to the next level. While the ribs were cooked till tender, it really wasn't the waste of calories.

Thai Style Steamed Clams

This was their special of the day which lived us to to its name. The fragrant Thai spices had us remember the taste of Tom Yum Soup without too spicy a kick. This allowed us to savour the plump freshness of the little neck clams. Definitely worth the stomach space to try!

Croque Tambi ($18) and Bacon & Eggs ($22)

Two of my favourite items from the brunch menu:
Firstly, the meatless but oh soooo flavourful curried omelette with scarmoza (smoked mozzarella!! โค) on a homemade ciabatta with sriracha and mayo, plus a cucumber and pineapple raita for a much needed tangy contrast.

The latter is perfect for the not-so-adventurous, featuring a thick-cut slab of bacon ๐Ÿ˜, scrambled eggs on ciabatta smeared with garlic sour cream plus some juicy San Marzano tomatoes on the side. Straightforward, but with all the elements done well.

Spicy Iberico Sataytay ($12)

One of my favorite dish of the night. The meat has the right amount fat and is slowly cooked making it very tender. The sweet and soy-like sauce really makes you go back for more.

Fried Curried Cauliflower ($12)

The curried cauliflower was crisp and light, while the madras curry yoghurt really brought out the best flavors. A must order dish!

Cider ($18)

Cider never taste this refreshing, and it's rare to find ciders in this flavour (usually it's the boring Apple cider or pear ciders). Brunch with a good bottle of apple, black currants and cranberry cider, makes anyone a happy person.

Wagyu Chuck Rib

Cooked nicely pink. Nicely seasoned, accompanied with a really good baked potato!


Fried Chicken with Pancakes with homemade sweet chilli sauce, coriander and apple coleslaw from Fat Lulu's.

The tender fried chicken and fluffy pancakes delivered with FedEx levels of competence, but the headliner here is indisputably the chye poh-esque chilli, which presents a riotous carnival of flavours - from sweet and seedy spicy to saliva-teasingly tangy - that will run the real risk of you having insufficient chilli for the titular items due to you being so stalkerishly addicted to that wicked nectar. 3.9/5
โ €โ €
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Fat Lulu's.

If you like dishes to be more mellow, balanced, and complementary, this isnโ€™t it.

Every component was bold, intense, and literally fights for your attention. Crisp fried chicken, well-seasoned and super tasty; chilli sauce thatโ€™s tangy, spicy, and sweet at once; and an apple coleslaw thatโ€™s crunchy, creamy, and aggressively sweetened. Itโ€™s an absolute fireworks of flavours and textures, or a war zone depending on how you see it, and itโ€™s unabashedly my favourite dish from their brunch menu.
New post up on the blog after months of silence! Head over to read more on my experience at Fat Lulu's ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fat Luluโ€™s Asian BBQ & Desserts โ€“ No Burnt, No Taste (In A Good Way)

The Burnt Corn is rubbed with salt and lemon, oregano, served with sour cream.ย 

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Dessert that's not on the usual menu, but the "board special" - "Pineapple and Coconut Ice Kacang".

Pineapple granita at the bottom layer that has a nice balance - sweet and slightly sour. Then there are the dehydrated coconut foam chunks that crumble as you eat it is placed all around. Nata de coco pieces here and there, to give it a nice chewy texture. Green worms - chendol so that as you sniffed too much of the fancy 'smoke', your 'own chendol' might drop in the bowl and still looked like it belong there, just joking!! A beautiful quenelle of delicious coconut ice cream! The desserts in this place all look so beautiful and taste good!

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