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From the Burpple community

It's very wispy, very different texture from a normal yoghurt. It's not runny either, actl kind of cloudlike. There's a mild coconut smell and tanginess

The sexy thing about this is that it's 200cal and no carbs. The taste is pretty average though, doesn't really taste like anything even tho clearly there's some spices

This was surprisingly not bad. In particular the hazelnut flavour is very prominent

Not sure how pure ricotta is supposed to taste because who has it on its own normally? But this is pretty good, it's reasonably smooth for ricotta and not unpleasantly bland. There's also sufficient fullness in flavour, went quite well when I had it with jam

The daikon oroshi has no bite and provides an interesting texture, not your usual daikon oroshi texture. It's still light though, and pleasant overall(despite the watery natto)

Apparently it's a firm cheese but not too firm. I had it before but I thought I spoilt it because the funk was strong lmao

This time I had it immediately and yeah it wasn't my fault, this has a strong funky smell. Thankfully it's not too much when you eat it

The flavour is pretty light with a strong savoury slant. Quite good to melt over sweet stuff, it's got some depth