Beef Ragout and Eggplant melting into each other. Tahini, Pickles, Chili and Parsley. Beef ragout was alright, flavour was good but I am not a fan of minced beef which was used. But the eggplant!!! Super delicious. Some were charred so it had that smoky flavour, all were soft and tender and literally melting into the beef ragout, vv tasty! There was a rly yummy creamy buttery thing in there too, think it was bechamel? Tahini added another dimension of flavour, while the pickles, chili and parsley provided a much needed refreshing element to cut through the heavier flavours. Pita was as usual, super fluffy and wonderful. It’s super saucy so it’s v moist, and I think they added olive oil too. Downside is that it can get pretty messy, and the pita becomes soggy at the very end. Nonetheless, yet another flavour they have done well and I will be back to eat my way through the flavours!