Had previously been to Wild Ccoo when they had first opened their doors at 7 Days Coffeeshop at Blk 122 McNair Road to give their Nasi Lemak a go. Felt that their Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah was a pretty impressive offering back then — a rather competent variant that can be matched to other offerings which are served up by similar establishments of the likes of The Coconut Club and Dickson Nasi Lemak. Wild Coco has since expanded their offerings to also include a small selection of Kueh — think items such as Kueh Bingka, Kueh Ko Swee, Kueh Dadar and Kueh Jaggung.

We visited Wild Coco in the late afternoon closer to dinner service and note that there are limited quantities of Kueh at the time despite all the Kuehs listed on the menu still being available during our visit. Found ourselves going for the Kueh Bingka, Kueh Dadar and Kueh Ko Swee — all that paired with a mug of Iced Kopi on the side. Between the three Kueh that we have ordered, we found the Kueh Dadar to be the most impressive of the Kueh that we have tried. The Kueh Dadar features a pandan-infused crepe layer that was not too thick; all that encasing desiccated coconut that is drenched with Gula Melaka. We found that the Gula Melaka-drenched desiccated coconut was not overly wet, yet carried a balanced, earthy sweetness that gave it sufficient flavour — a pretty well-executed variant in general, though certainly not the best. The Kueh Ko Swee and the Kueh Bingka both could have been better however; the former whilst carrying a deep hint of an earthy sweetness from the Gula Melaka, did come with a slight hint of alkaline-y finish from the baking soda — the Kueh Bingka on the other hand was a little too wet and sticky to our own preferences, perhaps also due to the fact that the Kueh has been left in the basket for a while since it was prepared.

Whilst Wild Coco’s Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah was something which we look forward to savouring again soon, their selection of Kuehs does seem to have quite some room for improvements. They are decent no doubt, but we did wish that they were done with an artisan touch considering how they have done so with their Nasi Lemak offerings — with the exception of the Kueh Dadar, we do feel like we had expected a bit more out of the other Kuehs that we have had. That being said, we are still looking forward to what Wild Coco has to offer in the future — glad that they have attempted to expand their offerings to include that of other coconut-based items such as Kueh; certainly would work really well if they can continue to refine on them further.