Fynn's had recently added a pasta section to their menu, with four different types of pasta listed; the pasta are all homemade at Fynn's, which is definitely a big selling point to me.

Fynn's rendition of the gnocchi sees it coming with Parmesan, mixed mushrooms and Mushroom Veloute. This was one variant that I particularly enjoyed, along with South Union Park's pretty much stellar version of the same dish. Intended to be a vegetarian dish, I liked how the mixed mushrooms are there to support the Mushroom Veloute by adding a bite to the entire dish; both providing a good earthiness to the pasta. The little pillows of potato gnocchi is also light and crusty; easy to finish without causing one to feel bloated even after the entire portion. Topped above everything is the Parmesan; gives a light cheesiness to the pasta without being overbearing. It's really one delightful Gnocchi dish that I seriously enjoyed every single mouthful, and definitely would crave for again some other day.