Bringing a well-known Taiwanese street snack to our shores for a limited time only, DessertStory delivers the perfect summer treat - Peanut Candy Ice-Cream Roll ($3.50/per flavour, $3.90/mix).

With two crowd-pleasing flavours, coconut and yam, it was difficult to choose a favourite but the latter was the unanimous pick as the subtle earthy notes better complemented the sweet peanut candy. All crunchy, nutty, and slightly sticky! The brittle shavings are as authentic as it gets - having the massive block specially imported for the dessert chain.

Layered with coriander, ice cream scoops then wrapped in a thin flour crepe; each was packed generously with the hand-shaven candy. The marriage of flavours and textures were also hard to beat. However, the added element of coriander might not be for everyone. Imparting a nice fragrance with a touch of savouriness, the addition made the rolls more “popiah-ish” and provided a refreshing lift (strangely I liked it).

So till the end of May, get your hands dirty and sink your teeth into the cool dessert rolls at any of their outlets!

Thanks DessertStory Singapore as well as Jan Jee and Jana from Brandcellar for hosting this tasting, and Burpple for the invitation!