Located at the third storey of the hotel, Royale had another run of the Rasa Sayang BBQ Seafood Buffet, which would last till 9 December 2018.

Apart from their usual range of local foods such as Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Rojak and Prawn Paste Chicken, the highlight of the buffet would definitely be the BBQ station which was located at the small balcony area by the corner. The grilled squid and Japanese scallops with minced garlic would be the crowd favourites, among other seafood selections which were prawns and mini crawfish. To maximise the use of the BBQ counter, the flame-grilled 12-Wonder Beef they served was really juicy and succulent. Unfortunately, inclement weather set in and they brought the cooking in their kitchen, which comparatively lost smokiness from the open flames.

Nonetheless, seafood lovers could also indulge in chilled seafoods like prawns, clams and mussels. On top of that, there was also a deep fried sea bass with fruits which was quite delicious too. And for those who were already thinking about the desserts, the Durian Pengat and Yam Paste should not be missed.

On the whole, the buffet offered a variety of local flavours, but I somewhat felt that they could have invested more variety in the seafood to make the seafood BBQ buffet look more attractive (maybe with grilled oysters too?). For S$68.00 per pax, the overall spread might seem a bit lacklustre, but saving the stomach capacity for more seafood, beef and the two dessert highlights, as mentioned above, should make up for the damage.