Throwing it back to Ramadhan when I had the halal rendition of the Butter Beer at the Celeb Fest event. Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge about Harry Potter to dilate on its background, so let's just cut to the chase here, shall we? 😗

To put it bluntly, this is the archetype of the word mediocre. It is literally cream cola with a mini cup of foam to top it. Either my taste buds were failing me that day, or it was just meh, but I really didn't taste any tinge of butter flavour in the drink or the foam. This concoction was a sad attempt at creating anything quirky or worth raving about.

They don't give you straws for this too, as you are supposed to sip it from the cup, so that you can get a foamy moustache. But somehow, the laws of chemistry brought only the cola to wherever I was sipping from, and not the foam. A spoon or a straw truly would've made things better. Sigh.

I paid $5 for one cup of this, but if you ask me, I'd give l $2 max for this. I mean, it's an okay drink, but in a ratio of gimmick to quality, the latter pales in comparison to the former. (5/10)

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