At , you get the option of adding on a molten cheese ring to your hotpot for $9.90++. As the name may suggest, it’s simply a metal ring filled with melted cheese & corn, and blowtorched for that aesthetic af crust. I haven’t been to a Korean hotpot in a while, so this is the first time I’ve seen a cheese ring and the hotpot be completely separate entities.⠀

The metal mammoth fits onto the handles of the pot, which isn’t very structurally sound especially when you’re digging out that cheese. But most notably of all is that the heat from the hotpot does not transfer over to the cheese ring at all. So this means that you gotta dig into that cheese as fast as possible before it gets cold & congealed, and you just gotta find a way to shoehorn it into every bite you take.⠀

90 Minutes does have some deep fried foods on the buffet line that are ready to eat if you simply can’t wait for your hotpot to boil over. The only really noteworthy fried food are the drum/winglets, which you can use as a very convenient implement to dig out that molten cheese & corn. The chicken wings are left out in the cold, so bring ‘em in and warm them up with the heat of the molten cheese & corn.⠀

While it might seem like the cheese ring isn’t quite worth the extra expense, I would still order it. Why? Well, it’s a surprise tool that will help us later. Trust me on this one.⠀

Thanks for the invite, & @burpple!

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