I decided to try other dish (Saba Fish + BBQ Pork) ($8.50) and didn't expected that they increase pricing since last month via google search. :") inflation sucks tbh as 9% GST increases next year ownards. But then good thing I went early for lunch hours before 12.30 p.m. you expected long queue to wait for 30 mins for ordering food tbh. I saw the signboard show hot stone bbimbap (as previously I have tried before) and saba fish were best selling dish on the store. Saba Fish with lemon usually removing fish smell before consuming whereas BBQ Pork marinated with sauce. I kinda disappointed by the serving size tbh :"O but then they give more kimchi and marinated anchovies for sides. Saba Fish got really freshly cooked taste and garnish with sauce whereas BBQ Pork was slightly salty tbh.