Being at Firebake for their sourdough bread, it's a must for myself to get one of their sourdough toast items such as this one. Asparagus, chorizo and scrambled eggs served atop their signature "Wave" bread (which is their organic white sourdough bread), the toast was crisp on the edges with a bit of char for that smoky flavour on top of the suitably sour toast while being light and fluffy. I like how the spicy chorizo gives a bit of bite; a little spicy, and comes savoury — that sort of flavour one would expect from cured meat without being overly salty or overwhelming. The asparagus provided a crunch to the entire item, while the scrambled eggs were creamy and runny.

That being said, I felt like I was expecting more profound flavours for the entire item (especially so for the egg) — probably something got to do with its hefty price tag of $22++. At times, it did feel like the entire dish felt clouded and masked by having too much pepper cracked over it, thus overpowering the flavours of the other elements. Still, it's a delicious affair, though I probably would have wanted more out of it.

$22?! Meh