@cuginisingapore certainly didn’t miss with their specials when I visited, because my palate profited from these Profiteroles Classico ($15++). Between these profitable profiteroles & the brilliant bolognese, these specials were definitely more than enough to make me pass over the regular menu options.⠀

The light, spongy choux pastries are filled with Chantilly cream and drowned in a delicious deluge of bittersweet chocolate ganache. Of course, that’s nowhere near decadent enough to be called a dessert, so Cugini turns it up to eleven with the addition a copious amount of pastry cream, lots of almonds& crumbled up cookies, and a couple of choccy cookies.⠀

These profiteroles are less surfeiting than expected, chiefly due to the ethereal lightness of the choux pastry & the slightly sweet Chantilly cream. The sinfully saccharine chocolate glaze & the thick crème pâtissière were the decidedly decadent elements on the dessert, with the bittersweetness of the chocolate fusing with the thick creaminess of the pasty cream to form a sensually thick & sweet concoction that slithers down your throat.⠀

The inclusion of the almonds and cookies are divinely inspired, as they provide a hard crunch to the otherwise soft & liquid dessert to bring balance and a sense of satisfaction to the dish. Every single texture is nailed on the head in this dessert, and its decadent sweetness makes for a very happy ending to your night (or day). To enhance the pleasure of your very messy happy ending, order a glass of sweet moscato to wash it all down.

Tl;dr: with Cugini’s profiteroles, you profit!