$80 for a set meal for 2 on burpple - decent food but portions were seriously so pathetic and awkward. Supposedly a meal for 2 but they gave 3 hot wings. Were my partner and I suppose to have 1.5 hot wing each? Or battle it out with our clanky utensils for the final piece? Think it wouldn’t hurt to have increased their portion sizes by a little, to fill two bellies.

We had to peck at our dessert (which came in one portion to be shared) because the portion of cake was smaller than the teaspoon they provided us with (look at photo attached for size reference). Wouldn’t be an issue if the price wasn’t so steep but for 80 bucks, I expected a whole lot more. Don’t think they should have compromised on size just because Burpple Beyond was used, because hey, we paid for the subscription too! Went for a second dinner elsewhere because this was hardly a meal………..