From Kyodai, a new hole-in-the-wall Japanese fusion eatery at Hotel Bencoolen which primarily serves the takeaway crowd — the eatery has five counter seats situated along the walkway of Hotel Bencoolen to cater to dine-in customers, though the counter tables are a tad high in comparison to the stools (they would be re-adjusting the height of the counter soon however).

The Gyoco is a fusion of Taco and Gyoza — seaweed, sushi rice, shabu shabu beef that is cooked with wasabi butter all encased in a taco shell that is similar to a Gyoza wrap. Sold in twos, the Gyoco is actually pretty crisp, while the entire package was not too messy to eat save for the stray pieces of Gyoza skin that broke off whenever we took a bite. Flavour-wise, the dish was actually more on the buttery side, perhaps due to the wasabi utter used while mostly savory from the Gyoza wrap — not too bad actually.